Decorated Rose Cookies for Valentine’s Day

Decorated Rose Cookie Close-Up

I don't know if I should be ashamed or proud, but it's amazing the ways I come up with to avoid work. Usually, cookies are the exception, but lately I've become L-A-Z-Y. Rose cookies have been on the agenda since January, but in the last few weeks even the simple version seemed like too much effort. So, I came up with an even simpler design. Behold the most recent result of my total lack of motivation...even simpler Valentine's Day rose … [Read more...]

Denim Pocket Cookies

Pocket Cookie

Blame it on my Texas roots, there will always be a special place in my heart for blue jeans.  I guess that's  why I love these pocket cookies so much.  Not only are they adorable, they're oh so easy to make! To make my pockets, I trimmed the house cutter from this Wilton set but you can purchase an adorable pocket cutter from Whisked Away Cutters, here. To make these cookies you will need: Navy blue piping and flood icing Copper … [Read more...]

How to Make Tiffany Blue Icing

Tiffany Blue Icing Cookies

The first time I made Tiffany blue cookies, I wasn't concerned in the least.  Until it was time to mix icing.  It was then I realized, I had no idea what color Tiffany blue actually was.  An Internet search only complicated the issue.  Google it.  You'll see what I mean. After years of struggling, I decided that the world needed  a swatch.  A common color reference for comparison.  Like a box.  Except picking up a Tiffany box isn't really … [Read more...]

Decorated Rose Cookies

Decorated Rose Bud Cookie

Believe it or not, I have never been a rose kind of girl.  It's always bothered me that something so expensive dies in just a few days.  That doesn't mean I'm not a romantic, I just prefer gifts that last a little longer...or at least taste good. I really like these cookies because they were inspired by a paper bouquet my little boy made for me. When I looked at the rose, I immediately saw a bell.  The longer I thought about it, I saw even … [Read more...]

Toning Down Pink Icing

Floral Monogram Cookies Close Up

Pink icing seems easy enough, but when it comes to matching specific colors that "simple pink" can quickly become a source of frustration.  If you've ever run into the the problem of pink icing being just a little too bright, try this tip. Tone down bright pink icing by adding a blue or green color to the mix.  The original shade of pink {left} was completely transformed with only a touch of each. I prefer to use leftover icing whenever … [Read more...]

Simple Rose Monogram Cookies

Floral Monogram Cookies

From time to time I get on cookie kicks.  Lately it's monograms. Perfect monogram cookies are easy to make.  Since I went projectorless for the last two rounds, I thought it was time for a Kopykake version.  As I've mentioned before, a Kopykake won't change your skill level overnight but with practice it will allow you to achieve a consistent results in less time than other methods. To create monogram cookies with a Kopykake I always begin … [Read more...]

Perfect Monogram Cookies

Perfect Monogram Cookies

Simple classic monogram cookies are great for many occasions.  This time around I made them for a baby shower. Start by finding a letter you like.  I usually Google a specific letter rather than sorting through fonts.  If you have a Kopykake, print and pipe.  If not, here's a quick way to transfer a letter from paper to cookie. Cut out the letter and position it on the cookie.  I used a cookie that was already flooded but this works on … [Read more...]

Making Icing Color Match

Damask Baby Shower Cookies

Do you struggle with mixing perfectly coordinated icing palettes?  Then I have a tip for you and it's simpler than you may think. A few years ago my friend Jen taught me this trick and I've been doing it {or mostly trying to} as often as possible since then.  Not only does this ensure perfectly matched colors, it also cuts down on dirty dishes. I've nicknamed this the "one bowl method".  It's so simple I'm embarrassed to admit I didn't … [Read more...]

How to Make Quatrefoil Print Cookies

Quatrefoil Print Cookie

Lately, it seems like quatrefoil is popping up everywhere.  On pillows, clothing, and even cookies.  While quatrefoil may look intimidating, it's definitely doable.  I promise you can master this print. Using a cookie projector can make quatrefoil print a much more manageable task.  Here's a little template to simplify things.  To print, click HERE. After printing the template, trim to fit your projector, and clamp securely in … [Read more...]

Simple Horse Face Cookies

Horse Face Cookie 11

Let me let you in on a little secret.  After character cookies one of my most feared cookie shapes is the horse head.  I can handle cutsey cartoon-like designs, but a real deal horse?  Forget about it. I've used my horse head cutter exactly one time {four years ago} and never touched it again.  These days if this girl's making horse cookies they look like this. Start with a star and skull cutter.  Both can be purchased at The Cookie … [Read more...]