Perfect Monogram Cookies

Simple classic monogram cookies are great for many occasions.  This time around I made them for a baby shower.

Fancy _P_ Monogram CookiesStart by finding a letter you like.  I usually Google a specific letter rather than sorting through fonts.  If you have a Kopykake, print and pipe.  If not, here’s a quick way to transfer a letter from paper to cookie.

Cut out the letter and position it on the cookie.  I used a cookie that was already flooded but this works on un-iced cookies too.

IMG_7162Once the paper is in place trace around it with a fine-tipped food color marker or use a needle tool like I did HERE.

IMG_7165Once the image is transferred it should look like this.

IMG_7173Pipe around the outline with a small round tip {I used a #1.5}, flood, and let dry.

PicMonkey CollagePerfect monograms every single time.

Perfect Monogram Cookies

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