Texas Rangers Cookies

Do ya know what I like more than baseball?  Baseball cookies!

Just kidding.  I pretty much don’t like baseball at all.  Except the pants, of course.

Turns out, that even though I don’t like baseball lots of other people do.  Especially the boy next door.

Our neighbor Ethan is a huge Texas Rangers fan.  He’s here almost every day playing with the kiddos but if my husband turns on the game he immediately gets in on the action.  We always get a big kick out of this tiny little guy who follows the game like a grown-up.

Not only is Ethan a baseball fan, he also loves my cookies.  He asks for one every time he’s here.  Since he had a birthday coming up I knew what I had to do.  The boy NEEDED Texas Rangers cookies.

Texas Rangers Logo Cookie 1

Remember me mentioning that it’s no-Kopykake month?  If you have a projector, get hoppin’.  If not, here’s how to make Texas Rangers logos without a machine.

Start by printing out the logo.  Size it beforehand to make sure it fits on the cookie.  Use an Exacto knife to cut out only the “T”.  Leave the red “shadow” behind.

Texas Rangers Logo Cookie 2

Center the stencil on the cookie and use it to transfer the image.  You can use a fine-tipped food color marker or a needle tool to gently scratch the design into the dry royal icing base.  If necessary, use a soft brush to remove any excess icing dust.

Texas Rangers Logo Cookie 3

Next, outline and fill the “T” with white 20-second icing.  I used a #2 tip.

Texas Rangers Logo Cookie 4

Give the white a minute to set {let it dry completely if you have bleeding issues} then using the stencil as a reference, add a red shadow.  A smaller tip like a #1.5 will make it easier to add fine details.

Texas Rangers Logo Cookie 5

Finish up by piping an blue outline around the “T” with a #1.5 tip.

Texas Rangers Logo Cookie 6

I think these look best mixed with other fun baseball cookies like balls, chubby bats, and gloves.

Texas Rangers Cookies

Once upon a time I added a baseball diamond, and I really liked the pop of green.


You can make perfect cookie even if you don’t have a fancy machine.  All it takes is a little planning.  I hope everyone is keeping cool this week.

For more helpful tips, check out the following links:

Happy cookieing!