Q: Do you sell your cookies?

A: Texas law prohibits me from shipping cookies, so I am limited to a few local orders as time permits.  My number one priority is my family followed by maintaining this blog, which leaves little time for anything else.

Q:  What sugar cookie recipe do you use?

A: I use my basic sugar cookie recipe which you can find HERE.

Q: I am not familiar with US measurements.  Is there a converted version of your recipe available?

A: You can find my basic sugar cookie recipe converted to grams by clicking HERE.

Q: Where can I find your recipe for royal icing?

A:  You can find my recipe for royal icing HERE.

Q: This is my first time to decorate sugar cookies.  Do you have a list of basic supplies that I will need to begin?

A:  For a list of must have cookie decorating supplies, click HERE.  Keep in mind that this can be scaled down, especially if you aren’t sure that cookie decorating will be a long term thing.  Pasty bags, icing tips, couplers, and icing tips are absolutely essential, so get those first.  you can add extras as you gain experience.

Q:  I noticed your nifty little icing bottles have couplers.  Where in the heck do I find those?

A: Click HERE to read everything you ever needed to know about those cool little bottles and where to by them/

Q:  Do you use a Kopykake projector or are you just a magical cookie wizard?

A:  Heck yes I do!  I am not sure I can live without it.  If you want to learn more about using a cookie projector, click HERE.  If you’re looking for fun fonts to use with your Kopykake, click HERE.

Q:  I would like to be notified via email when there is a new post.  How do you do that?

A:  I have a helpful post on subscribing via email HERE.

Q:  You have so many awesome cookie cutters.  Where do you get them all?

A:  Some of them are gifts, most of them I have acquired over the last four years.  If you’d like to check out my collection, click HERE.  For my favorite places to shop, click HERE.

Q:  Your icing is always so pretty an shiny.  What is your secret?

A:  I SWEAR that using an oscillating fan to dry my cookies not only makes the icing shine, it also prevents bleeding.  You can read about it HERE.  Try it.  It works!