Easy Decorated Rose Cookies

Decorate whimsical Valetine's Day rose cookies in three easy stepsWould you believe me if I told you that once upon a time I was terrified of rose cookies?  True story.

I was a few years into my cookie adventure before I even attempted to decorate a rose. The reason?  They intimidated me.

As a cookie rookie (I made that up, but it IS a thing) I was very literal. If my cookies didn’t look exactly like the real deal, they were a flop.

Over time, as I gained experienced and confidence, I realized that cookies are just like any other type of art. Each decorator has their own style. What looks like a rose to me, might not to someone else, but in the end, it doesn’t matter, it’s art.

My signature style happens to be simple and “doodle-esque” (totally made that up too). But if yours is more literal, that’s okay too. The point is to find your approach to cookie design.

Anywho, long story short, it was from this realization (and Bake at 350) that the whimsical rose cookie was born.

Make easy whimsical rose cookies in three easy steps!

Easy Decorated Rose Cookies for Mother's Day

To make these cookies you will need:


  • Whimsical rose cut-out cookies (cutter available here)
  • Pink 20-second icing (or the color of your choice)
  • Lime green 20-second icing
  • White piping icing

Begin by using pink 20-second icing to outline and fill the cookie as pictured below.  Using an offset spatula to gently move the icing into place will help to prevent runoff and remove any air bubbles that might appear.

How to make simple rose cookies in three stepsLet the pink icing set (or dry completely, if you have trouble with color bleed) then use green 20-second icing to add a leaf.

How to decorate whimsical rose cookies When the base is completely dry, use a #2 tip to add the final details.  Begin by piping around the outside of the flower, then starting from the outside and working in, add a swirl to the middle.

Easy Decorated Rose Cookies Finish up by adding a sweet little squiggle to the leaf.

Simple Decorated Rose Cookies These are probably the easiest rose cookies you will ever make.

For those of you who prefer videos, here ya go:

These simple rose cookies look great in almost any palette. Pinks and yellows are great for Mother’s Day, while red and pink would be a great combo for Valentine’s Day.  They’d also work nicely as wedding favors or for cookie bouquets.

Whimsical Pink Rose Cookies HR3

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