Decorated Rose Cookies for Valentine’s Day

I don’t know if I should be ashamed or proud, but it’s amazing the ways I come up with to avoid work. Usually, cookies are the exception, but lately I’ve become L-A-Z-Y.

Rose cookies have been on the agenda since January, but in the last few weeks even the simple version seemed like too much effort. So, I came up with an even simpler design.

Behold the most recent result of my total lack of motivation…even simpler Valentine’s Day rose cookies.

Decorated Rose Cookie Close-Up

Before baking I  used a moon cutter to shape the tip of a strawberry into a gentle curve. If you aren’t in the mood to trim, skip it, it’s still perfect for the job.

Rose Bud Cookie Cutter

To make these cookies you will need:

Decorate in three easy steps.

  1. Flood the base of the cookie with 20-second icing.
  2. When the base is at least partially dry, use a #2 tip to pipe a simple swirl design onto the bud.
  3. Use a #66 or #67 tip to add two or three leaves to the base. I like to begin with the two outside leaves, then add the center leaf over the top. After making about a billion of these, I also decided that piping the left and right leaves horizontally looks a little less “strawberry-ish” then the vertical version, but as always, do what works best for you.

Easy Decorated Rosebud Cookies

At this point, let the cookies dry (this can take anywhere from four to twenty-four hours depending on where you live) and that’s all there is to it. I realized after the fact that I probably should have piped a few swirls in the opposite direction and flipped more buds…but there’s always next time, right?

Speaking of buds, you can see here how I used a smaller, untrimmed strawberry to make them. Same basic idea. Flood, pipe a modified version of the swirl, add leaves, and you’re done. I picked the cutter up here.

Rosebud Cookie

Anyhow, sometimes when I say, “easy,” I can almost feel the collective eye rolls through my computer screen. Seriously though, these roses are about as fast and easy as decorated cookies get. I can finish an entire cookie (not including drying time) in about a minute and fifteen seconds, which translates to about four dozen cookies per hour.  Considering that many cookie designs require at least three to four minutes (or more) to complete, this is incredibly fast, especially if the plan is to mass produce.

These cookies would be great as bouquets, but I’m a platter girl so I mixed a couple of designs, sizes, and colors and popped them on a plate.

Simple Sugarbelle Rose Cookies

Simple rose cookies are a definite Valentine’s Day win. Quick to decorate, beautiful to look at, and good enough to eat!

P.S.-If videos are more your thing, you can see me in action here.

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