Superman Cookies

Are you looking for a cookie idea for the super dad in your life?  Then these are perfect for you!  Technically I made these a couple of weeks ago for my super graduate, but I thought they’d work for Father’s Day too.

Superman Cookies SweetSugarBelle

Since I unofficially crowned June no Kopykake month I’m going to show you how to make these perfect Superman cookies without a projector.

Begin by printing out two Superman logos in the size you’d like your cookie to be.  I printed colored images so they’d photograph better but to conserve printer ink go with black and white.

Superman Cookie Cutter

Cut out a logo and use as a template for hand-cutting the dough.

Man of Steel Cookies

Or, if you’re extra lazy {like me} you can also trim a square cookie.  They won’t be exact but if you center the design properly, they’re close enough.

Supeman Cookies

While the cookies are cooling, use an Exacto knife to cut the second image into a stencil.

Superman Logo Cookies

Place the stencil over the cookie and use a fine-tipped FooDoodler food color marker to trace the image onto the cookie.  Don’t worry if the cookies spread a bit during baking.  Like I mentioned before, center the design and it won’t matter at all.

Perfect Superman Cookies

Once the image is transferred to the cookie use yellow twenty-second icing to fill the appropriate space.

Superman Cookies 1

Next, pipe a border around the outside edge of the cookie then quickly fill with red flood icing {if you’re sensitive to that icky red taste, use tulip red}.  If you’re more comfortable outlining and then filling your cookie creations transfer the design first, outline with black or red icing, then carefully flood.   Remember there’s more than one way to skin a rabbit.

Make Superman Cookies

At this point let the cookie dry.  You can stop here if you like…

Superman Cookies 2

Or, create a little more impact by outlining with a #1.5 PME tip.

Superman Cookies 3

If you do happen to have a Kopykake, follow the cutting steps above and then finish up with a projector.  You can read about my favorite way to use a Kopykake HERE.

Superman Cookies with Kopykake

If you’re looking to create customized Superman shields check out these cool printable templates from The Lady Wolf.  I also love these superhero cookies from Sweet-T-Cookies.  It’s really a genius design.  One of these days I hope to translate them into a Superman theme.

No matter how you approach it, Superman cookies are a surefire way to put a smile on that super man’s face.

Have a great week my super baker friends!