Standing Graduate Cookies

It’s graduation time again and as usual I’m up to my eyeballs in cookies.  To keep things a interesting I try to come up with ways to change the cookies up each year.

Standing Graduate Cookie Cutter

This year I used a teensie tiny squished square from this set to turn my Karen’s Cookies boy and girl into graduates {and a diploma, but I forgot to take pics before they left me} .

Standing Graduate Cookies

If you don’t have the exact cutters I do, no worries.  With a little imagination you can make several cutters work!

Standing Graduate Cookie Cutters

Since I usually try to avoid highly detailed cookie tutorials, here’s a quick breakdown of the decorating process.

Graduate Cookies

The details took the longest.  Different strokes for different folks but here’s the route I took:

  1. Use 20-second icing to make a diploma
  2. Use 20-second icing for hands
  3. White piping icing and a #44 tip makes a nice collar {a #3 works fine if you don’t have a #44}
  4. Use a #13 tip and stiff-ish brown icing for hair
  5. Use black 20-second icing for eyes
  6. Add tassel strings with a #1.5 tip
  7. Add gown and hat details with a #2 tip
  8. Use a #13 tip to make tassels

Graduating Student Cookie

My graduates are speechless but you could add a smile if you like…or a frown.  These little guys might not be so happy if they knew that their destiny is to be eaten!

Graduation Cookies

This year I have a little graduate of my own.  I think he outshines the cookies.  But then again, I’m a little biased.

Caleb Graduation

Graduate cookies for the graduate.  What a wonderful treat!

Graduate Cookies 2

You can use a “smooshed” square cutter to add graduation caps to any of these cookie designs:

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I hope everyone can find a little peace this week.  My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the Oklahoma tornadoes.