Happy Graduate Face Cookies

Sometimes I get a little bored with my cutters.  I have just about every graduation cutter available, I think…but eventually I found myself wanting something a little more than just the average cap or diploma. 

So, I made these…

They were attempt two at a set I made last year.  The problem with the first set, however, was that I used my actual cap cutter and a circle, so they were HUGE…or at least WAY bigger than I like my cookies to be.

So this year, I scaled it down, using these cutters.  You can use any size you like but I used a square fondant cutter {about 2 inches} and a 3 inch round.

Of course, if you happen to own a diamond already, use it =)?

If not, take your little square, and give it a gentle squeeze.

If you want to make a long-haired graduate, be sure to grab an Easter egg cutter.?

This is how I constructed the BOY graduate.

I did the exact same thing to put together my GIRL.

Bake and you will be ready to decorate.  I personally like to wait a day or so before decorating, however, if you’re in a hurry just make sure they are completely cool and you’re ready to go!
To decorate happy graduate faces you will need:?
  • black outline and flood icing
  • outline and flood icing for hair in the color of your choice
  • candy beads black or colors for eyes
  • food color marker or piping icing for mouth {black or colored}
  • colored piping consistency icing for tassel
First outline the cap.  I went ahead and added sideburns on my boy cookie at this point.

Next, I used twenty-second icing to make a face.  For help with skin or flesh tone icing colors, click {HERE}.

Quickly add black candy beads to make eyes.  You can also personalize these further by using colored beads.

Next, fill the top of the hat, and the hair on the BOY cookie.

Let the cookies dry for a while…20-30 minutes, then fill the second section of the cap, add the button and if you are making girl cookies, outline the hair.  You can also use a #2 or #3 tip to make individual strands or curls.

Let the cookie dry a bit, then add the neck and other details like the nose and tassel.
At this point it’s best to let the cookie dry overnight or for at least eight hours.  When the cookie is dry, add details such as eyebrows, and a smile.

Now, it may be the girl in me, but I like my girl graduates dressed up, SO I like to give them a little lipstick.  I used a 1.5 tip to add the lips.
To get dimension, I do this in two steps.  I add the top lip, and then after a few minutes, I go back and add the bottom lip.
I’m sad to say, I had to skip the mascara and blush, but I’m working with a crippled arm, and I’m WAY to shaky to be playing cookie beautician.  Feel free to add them if you like.
One little note.  Make sure the icing you’re using to make lips is on the thicker side…in my laziness, I decided to go ahead and used some thinner leftover icing to start.  BAD idea.  It worked out OK…but my poor blondie looks like the victim of a bad collagen injection =(

And there you have it, happy graduate face cookies…at least I HOPE all your graduates are smiling!

On that note, congratulations to all of the 2011 high school and college graduates!