Nerdy Cookie Decorated Cookies

I’ve been itching to make these guys since I saw this shirt in Target last year.  The only thing cuter than a regular old cookie is a smart cookie.

Nerdy Cookie SweetsugarbelleI started by making royal icing transfer glasses.  To simplify the process I shared printable glasses templates in the three styles below.

Nerdy Glassy Template Sweetsugarbelle

  1. To print style number one, click HERE.
  2. For style number two, click HERE.
  3. For style number three, click HERE.

A couple of days before decorating, use the templates to make nerdy glasses transfers.  I’ve talked about these before so I won’t go into detail, but if you need a little help check out this post.  Remember, though, these transfers are fragile so make extras just in case.

Nerdy Glasses Royal Icing TransferIf you’re lucky enough to own a Kopykake, make things easier by piping the design directly onto the cookie.  Simply left click the numbered image above, save to your computer, and print.

Nerdy Apple CookiesTo make “smart cookies” you will need:

  • Light brown piping and flood icing {I mixed warm brown and egg yellow}
  • Royal icing glasses transfers
  • Black piping icing
  • Dark brown 20-second icing {for help with dark brown icing click HERE}
  • Stiff-ish red piping icing

Begin by outlining and flooding the cookie with light brown icing.

Outlining and FillingIf you’re using pre-made icing transfers, immediately drop one onto the wet flood icing.  Use a boo-boo stick to make minor adjustments if necessary.  Nerdy CookieWhen the cookie is dry, use a #1.5 tip to pipe a smile and brown twenty-second icing for chocolate chips.  If you went the Kopykake route,  add glasses at this time.

Nerdy Decorated CookiesFinish up with a sweet little leaf-tip bow.  For instructions, click HERE.

Nerdy Decorated Cookies_SweetSugarBelleBe as creative as you like.  Nerdy glasses look great on cookies, apples, worms, pencils and more!

Nerdy Teacher CookiesNerdy cookies are the best way to let your teacher know they’re appreciated.  Make some today!

Smart Cookie Cookies and Apples PlatterIf you like these cookies, check out my talented friend, Krista, of Cookies with Character.  Her teacher appreciation collection is INCREDIBLE!  I especially love the, “We need s’more teachers like you” idea.  Just add a face to simple s’mores cookies for a special sweet treat.

I also ran across these “Smart Cookie” printable tags on Make Bake and Celebrate.  They compliment these cookies perfectly.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week.  Happy baking, cookie friends!