Guest Post: Glorious Treats {S’mores Cookies}

I have known Glory for over two years now, and from the moment I met her, she has been teaching and inspiring me.  There’s nothing that compares to a friend with which you can share ideas and inspiration.  It’s so fulfilling. 

The only BAD thing I can think of about Glory is that she lives in California.  That’s very far away from me.  If I had my way, she’d live next door! 

Last week, Glory posted SEVERAL ideas for s’mores on her blog.  This week, she’s sharing another masterpiece, S’MORES cookies.  Do y’all see why I love this gal? 

Hi Sweet Sugar Belle readers!  Glory of Glorious Treats here to share a fun summer cookie design.  When Callye asked me to prepare a guest post for her, I spent some time thinking about what I would share.  I mean, you don’t come post on an amazing cookie blog like this with just anything… it needs to be special!  I recently posted a series of s’mores themed treats on my own site, so I thought I could create a special s’mores treat for you too!  And since Callye is the queen of creative cookie cutter use, I challenged myself to find a common cutter that could be used for this unique design.
Ready to make some s’mores cookies?
I used a gift box shaped cookie cutter (available from Sweet Baking Supply).  I think you could also use a baby block cutter, or hand cut them if needed.
You’ll also need royal icing prepared in golden brown (medium/flood consistency), medium brown (piping consistency), dark chocolate brown (medium consistency), and white (medium consistency).
~ Cutting the cookies ~
1.  Prepare cookie dough and cut out gift box shape.
2.  Turn the cutter upside down and press gently to leave a guide (as shown) to cut off the bow.
3.  Use a knife to cut off the bow.
4.  Use the gift box cutter, as shown, to gently make an impression where your top graham cracker (of the decorated cookie) will be.  This impression will be a helpful guide when decorating.
Bake cookies according to recipe instructions.
~ Decorating Instructions ~
1.-2.  Using the impression you made in the dough as a guide, outline the top and bottom graham cracker shapes with a medium brown icing. 
3.  Fill in on top and bottom with a golden brown flood icing. 
4.  While the flood icing is still wet, add small dots of medium brown, to represent the little holes on the tops of graham crackers.
5.  When graham cracker icing is set (at least 1-2 hours), add melted chocolate (as shown) in a dark brown, medium consistency icing.  Allow to dry (another 1.2 hours).
6.  When melted ‘chocolate’ layer has set, fill in the remaining space with white ‘marshmallow’ icing, in a medium consistency. 
7.  While the ‘marshmallow’ is still wet, add a few lines of the golden brown color, then use a toothpick to drag the color across the marshmallow just a bit (as shown).  Allow cookie to fully dry (several hours) before packaging.
There you have it… flame free s’mores  =) 
I hope I have a reason to make these soon.  These would be perfect for camping parties like this one, girl or boy scout gatherings, or just for fun, and I have some marshmallow flavoring from Spices etc that I am dying to try.  Thank you so much, Glory, for holding down the fort while I enjoy some family time!  It means the world to me!