Watermelon Sugar Cookie Truffles {Guest Post Cookies and Cups}

Okay, I’m finally on vacation…has anyone besides me noticed that the week before vacation seems like an eternity, only to have the actual vacation go by in the blink of an eye?

Anyways, that’s neither here nor there.

What I’m really excited about it this guest post. Although I would have loved to spend my vacation making and photographing cookies, my mean ol’ husband decided Sea World was a better option, so thankfully, a few of my favorite bloggy friends decided to come hang out and keep things from getting boring while I’m off  avoiding the sun.Yes, I said avoiding…I have vitaligo, AKA the Michael Jackson disease, so sunshine is my mortal enemy.  THANK goodness for the Twilight series!  It’s really done a lot for the pale pasty look!

My first visitor is Shelly of Cookies and Cups. Ironically, she’s sharing Sugar Cookie Truffles, the recipe that first turned me on to how COOL she is. What a genius way to use up left over sugar cookies! Suddenly cake balls aren’t just for cake gals!  Now cookie girls have their very own way to use up scraps too!

This recipe permanently cemented Shelly’s place as a cookie hero in my book.

Actually, she’s my yummy-stuff hero, PERIOD!  Take a look at her salted caramel butter barsOreo fudge, or the popcorn cake {mom’s personal favorite} she made.  You’ll be a stalker follower for life.

So, without further ado, in my BEST Ed McMahon voice, “Heeeere’s Shelly


Hi! Shelly here from cookies and cups!

Today I am blogsitting for Callye while she’s on vacation. It kinda feels weird being all up in someone’s personal space, like I am snooping around where I shouldn’t be. I mean, Callye invited and all, but it’s a little like using the restroom at a friend’s house where you might just peek into their medicine cabinet…not that I’ve ever done that…but I’ve just heard that people do it and it’s kind of a thing. Whatever. I was invited. And you shouldn’t put stuff in your medicine cabinet that you don’t want people to see, just sayin’. Moving on… We all know Callye is super-duper-world -famous for her amazing cookie decorating skills…so I knew there was nothing new I could teach you there…BUT how about some cookie truffles and in Callye’s honor will do ’em sugar cookie style! I followed THIS recipe that I posted a while back. While I used Ready to Bake Sugar cookies for the recipe you can easy use homemade cookies that aren’t frosted. Just make sure the cookies are not chewy. If you follow my recipe you bake the cookies until they are slightly crisp..not browned, but crisp. Once you have the cookies you are going to use and have mixed the crushed crumbs with a little bit of cream cheese you form the truffles. Since we are making watermelons I made triangles.

Freeze the formed truffles for about 15 minutes until they are firm.

Meanwhile get your melting candy ready. I like to melt my candy in mugs because it is a little deeper. For the watermelons you will need pink and white.

Melt candies for 1-2 minutes on 50% power, stirring every 30 seconds until just melted.

Get you supplies ready…you’ll need some mini chocolate chips

and green sprinkles…I actually used a mix of green and white coarse sugar to mimic the watermelon rind.

Remove your truffles from the freezer and dip into the pink first. As soon as you dip them place on a few mini chocolate chips as the “seeds”

Once the pink has set, which should only take a few minutes dip the bottom into the white…

Tap off the excess white chocolate and immediately dip the bottom into your sprinkles.

If you want you can insert sicks into the bottom of the truffle now and let set for a just a few minutes.

You’re done!

Now take a bite !

Thanks Callye for sharing your space with me today! and stop by my site, cookies and cups, for more sweet treats!


Thank you-thank you-thank you for coming, Shell.  You’re welcome to come look in my medicine cabinet anytime.  I’m not worried at all.  We always hide the interesting stuff BEFORE we leave the house 😉

Be sure to tuck this recipe away!  Not only is at a great way to use up leftover cookies, it will make people like you too, I mean, who doesn’t like sweet treats!

Have a great week everyone!