Leaf-Tip Royal Icing Bows

Over the years I’ve turned from an obsessive compulsive cookie decorator into a “make it work” kind of gal.  Once upon a time I might have mixed two or three consistencies of icing to create the perfect detail.

These days, I’ve adopted a much more relaxed decorating style.  Leaf tip royal icing bows are one of my favorite ways to add a little pizazz with minimal effort on my part.

Nerdy Apple Cookie_Sweetsugarbelle 0

To make royal icing bows with a leaf tip you will need:

Leaf bows should always begin with a little planning.  Until you’re comfortable with the technique, it’s a good idea to pre-mark points A and B {beginning points} with a pushpin or edible marker.  To prove my point, look closely at the first photo.  I didn’t exactly want the bow where it ended up, I just didn’t plan well before piping.

Nerdy Apple Cookie_Sweetsugarbelle

Anywho…beginning at point A, pipe a leaf pulling it to a tip midway between the points.

Nerdy Apple Cookie_Sweetsugarbelle 2 (2)Beginning at point B, repeat the previous step connecting the two leaves at the midpoint.

Nerdy Apple Cookie_Sweetsugarbelle 3

If necessary, use a toothpick or boo-boo stick to level the connecting point before moving on.

Nerdy Apple Cookie_Sweetsugarbelle 4

To finish up, use a #2 or #3 tip to add a dot to the center.

Nerdy Apple Cookie_Sweetsugarbelle 5

Here’s another visual just for good measure.

Nerdy Apple Cookie_Sweetsugarbelle 6

And because it’s my nature to over-explain…

Nerdy Apple Cookie_Sweetsugarbelle 7

Royal icing bows are a quick way to dress up many cookie designs.  Experiment with different tips and icing consistencies until you find what works for you.  I used looser piping icing to make the “bubbly” bows here.

Nerdy Apple Cookie_Sweetsugarbelle 8

This technique also translates well to royal icing transfers but it’s important to connect the leaves at a wider point.   This strengthens the bows, making them less likely to snap when removed.

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