Silly Spider and Bat Cookies

Usually, Halloween cookies are some of my favorite to make but this year I was a little short on inspiration.  Then I saw these adorable spider cookies by SugarNosh Treats and suddenly an idea I’d been toying with fell into place.

Silly Spider Cookie_SweetsugarbelleI made every cookie on this platter with the cutters below.  The baby rattles can be purchased here and here, the bat was a Target find, and the “MOM” cutter is a Wilton model that sat untouched in a bin for two years.

Silly Spider Cookie CuttersI chose to piece my cookies together, but these look adorable double-layered also.  Simply trim the rattle and piece together as shown below.  If you don’t have a rattle, a plain circle works perfectly too!

Silly Spider Cookie Cutters 2Here’s how I constructed the bats.

Bat with Hat Cookie CutterTo make these cookies you will need:

  • White piping and flood icing
  • Black piping and 20-second icing
  • Purple, green, and orange piping and flood icing
  • Blue flood icing {or pre-made royal icing eyes}

Outline and flood the cookie with white icing.  You can skip this step if you’d like, I just felt like a white base on this particular day.

Silly Spider Cookie TutorialOnce the base is dry use a round cookie cutter and fine tip food color marker to make a circle for the head.  This is a great way to ensure consistent results every time, even without a Kopykake.

Silly Spider Cookie Tutorial 2Use black icing to add a hat.

Silly Spider Cookie Tutorial 3When the hat is dry outline and fill the face, let dry, then pipe legs with a #3 tip.

Silly Spider Cookie Tutorial 4To finish up, follow the steps below:

  1. Add three white dots to the hat
  2. Pipe a hatband
  3. Add eyes {for a more in depth look at eyes like these, click here}
  4. Pipe a bow tie {learn how to make leaf tip royal icing bows here}
  5. Use black icing to add top hat details and a smile.

Silly Spider Tutorial 5 DetailsHere’s the whole crew.  Usually I’m not big on spiders and bats but these are definitely an exception.

Silly Spider and Bat Cookies_SweetsugarbelleLike I mentioned before, these also make super sweet double-layered cookies.

Double Layer Silly Spider CookiesAs cute as the spiders were, these little guys turned out to be my faves!

Hat with Bat CookieDon’t be afraid to get creative for a design that is completely your own.  Add boots, stripey legs, or fangs.  To make things even easier skip piecing altogether and use only the “MOM”.  The possibilities are endless!

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