Decorated Sunflower Cookies

Through the years I’ve tried to come up with new and exciting ways to interpret old cookie designs. I’ve come up with some fun ideas, but more often than not I come to the conclusion that simple is best.

I was reminded of this again recently while making sunflower cookies.  Each cookie took less than two minutes to decorate but there was something beautiful about their simplicity.

Sunflower CookiesI have several sunflower cutters, but my favorites came from Global Sugar Art and Hobby Lobby.

To create perfect centers without a projector trace around a round cutter with a thin food color marker.

Sunflower Cookies 1To make these cookies you will need:

Pipe around the circle outline and flood.

Sunflower Cookies 2Let the icing set for a bit {a couple of minutes} then sprinkle with sanding sugar and let dry.

Sunflower Cookies 3Once the center is dry, remove any excess sugar.  I used a clean paintbrush.

Sunflower Cookies 4Next use a leaf tip to pipe petals.  The tip size really depends on the size of the cutter.  I used a #67 for a three inch cookie.

Sunflower Cookies 5Here’s a little video clip of piping petals with a leaf tip.

You can make the petals ruffled or straight by adjusting the amount of pressure you apply to the piping bag.

Sunflower Cookies 6That’s all it takes to make easy beautiful sunflower cookies.

Sunflower Cookies 7I like to mix in single leaf cookies for color but if you’d prefer them attached, this post tells you how .

Sunflower Cookie Close Up_SweetsugarbelleIn many cases, simple is best.

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