Royal Icing Sunflowers

Learn to pipe royal icing sunflowers using a free printable template via Sweetsugarbelle.comThere is a chill in the air, and I’ve been bitten by the urge to make autumn themed cookies.  Royal icing sunflowers have been on my to-do list for a very long time.  Not only are they fun to make, they’re handy to have around and a great way to use leftover icing.

Royal Icing Sunflowers via SweetsugarbelleTo make sunflower transfers you will need:

Begin by using painters tape to secure a sheet of waxed paper over the template.  Any type of tape will do but painter’s tape is easier to remove without damaging the transfers.

Royal Icing Sunflower TemplateUsing a #65 leaf tip, pipe the petals as shown below.  It may take a little practice to get the timing and pressure right, but don’t give up.  Once the petals are piped, use dark brown icing to fill the centers.  Use a #65s tip to add leaves if you like.

How to Make Royal Icing Sunflowers via sweetsugarbelle.comIf you get a little petal happy and end up with an extra long tip, immediately use a small piece of paper or a boo-boo stick to gently remove any excess.

Royal Icing Sunflowers 2If you’re pretty confident in your piping skills these can also be piped directly onto cookies.  Start with the center and add petals.

How to Pipe a Royal Icing SunflowerThese are about the size of a quarter.  For a larger version of the template make your own or click here for a slightly larger version.

Sunflower Royal Icing TransfersUse these to decorate cookies or other dessert and candy items like truffles or chocolate dipped Oreos.

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