Simple Tip for Adding Leaves

Here’s a simple little trick to make your springtime decorating a little easier.

I only have one flower cookie cutter that has leaves and it’s not really multifunctional.  So, I came up with this easy little trick to add them without hand cutting or piecing.

All you need are flower cookies {its a little easier if they are already decorated and dried} a leaf tip, 66-70 for smaller leaves and 112-115 or 326, and wax or parchment paper to set them on.

It’s as simple as using stiff icing to pipe a leaf against the side of the cookie.  If you’re worried about it sliding around, glue the cookie to the parchment {or wax paper} with a bit of icing before you begin.

Let the leaves dry completely {a few hours at least} and the whole thing should peel right off.  If you’re not into eating hardened royal icing, just break the leaf part off.

I did the same thing for these mini-horse cookies but with 20-second icing rather than stiff.

Super easy, and we like easy, right?

Hope everyone is having a great week!