Simple Horse Face Cookies

Let me let you in on a little secret.  After character cookies one of my most feared cookie shapes is the horse head.  I can handle cutsey cartoon-like designs, but a real deal horse?  Forget about it.

I’ve used my horse head cutter exactly one time {four years ago} and never touched it again.  These days if this girl’s making horse cookies they look like this.

Horse Face Cookie 10

Start with a star and skull cutter.  Both can be purchased at The Cookie Cutter Company.Horse Face Cookie 1

Piece the dough together as pictured below and bake.  The key to piecing cookies is to make sure that there is a large surface area touching.  This will make them a lot less fragile after baking.

Horse Face Cookie 8

Once the cookies are cool you are ready to decorate.  To make these cookies you will need:

  • Medium brown piping and flood icing
  • Ivory piping and flood icing
  • Red piping icing
  • Dark brown stiff-ish piping icing {thin down the leftovers to 20-second icing for the ears or use ivory}
  • Black 20-second icing {only a bit}

Begin by outlining the cookie.  You can leave the snout brown to make things easier if you like.

Horse Face Cookie 2

Once the cookie is outlined, flood each section.  You don’t have to wait very long between sections because the line where they meet will eventually be covered.

Horse Face Cookie 12

Let the base dry {at least to the touch} then add hair and a harness.  I used a #18 tip for the hair, but you can use any star-type tip.  Also, if you don’t have a #44 tip, an upside-down basket tip will work too.

Horse Face Cookie 5

Finish up with a few final details.

Horse Face Cookie 7

If you aren’t up for piecing, bake simple skulls and use a leaf tip {approximately #67-#70} to add ears.  I also use this idea to add leaves to flower cookies.

Horse Face Cookie 6

Keep in mind that there are other cutters that will also work for this design.  I use a flip-flop from time to time, or a starfish if I’m after floppier ears.

Horse Face Cookie 9

Horse face cookies work great for many party themes and the kids always love them.  This also works well for zebra cookies.

Horse Face Cookie 11

If you’re itching make cookies with the real horse head cutter the always fearless Bake at 350 tackled it HERE.  You should also check out my friend Kim’s horse cookies HERE.

I hope everyone’s week is going smoothly.  I am glad Friday is finally here!