Crab Cookies

Crab cookies were one of the very first cookies I ever made.  The first time around, they gave me a little trouble.  Now, they’re one of my favorite designs.

Crab Cookie 9

To make these cookies you will need:

Since crab cookies are almost completely red I suggest using Wilton no-taste or Americolor tulip red.  You can read more about these colors HERE.

Begin by outlining the body portion of the crab with a #2 tip.  I like to start with the top half then move to the bottom.  It helps keep things even.

Crab Cookie 2Next, flood the shell.

Crab Cookie 3

Let the body dry for a bit.  Use a #2 tip to outline the claws then fill.

Crab Cookie 4


Next, use 20-second icing to make legs.  Apply in segments for a realistic look.

Crab Cookie 5When the cookie is dry use piping icing to make two dots for eyes.  Use tweezers to add icing pearls to each wet dot.

Crab Cookie 6

Use a #2 tip to add a squiggly line detail to each claw and also to the bottom of the shell.

Crab Cookie 7

Use 20-second icing to make a bumpy texture on the shell.

Crab Cookie 8

The best thing about these little cuties is that there is no shelling involved!

Crab Cookie 1

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To purchase the crab cutter I used, click HERE.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday weekend.