Simple Seahorse Cookies

A few months ago a sweet cookie friend emailed me and asked me for a how-to on simple seahorse cookies.  It took twice as long as I planned to get it done of course, but finally, here they are.  This is for you Susie!

To make these cookies you will need:

Begin by using a #2 tip to outline the cookie in light blue.  For a more realistic look, make a wave pattern as you outline {the same way you probably drew water as a kid}.  Once the cookie has been outlined, fill with medium blue icing.

While the flood icing is wet, sprinkle with disco dust.  I used baby blue, but if you aren’t down for investing a ton of money into random shades, go with rainbow.  It works for everything.  If you’re not digging disco dust at all {food safety issues which we’ll talk more about in the future} skip it altogether.

Let the icing dry for a bit and then pipe on the details with  #1.5 tip.  This might seem a little scary but if you break it down into sections, it’s pretty easy.  Start by making a line down the back of the seahorse, then another toward the front like I did below.  Finally, connect the three, once again using a wave pattern and that’s all there is to it.

Once the body is piped, give the seahorse a little jawline and eye.

To finish up, use a 101 ruffle tip to add a sweet little fin.  I took a bazillion pictures of this, but in the end I decided you’re better off watching Ali’s ruffle tutorial for help with this step.

Let them dry completely and you have a simple, yet elegant seahorse cookie.

I mixed mine with a few starfish and sand dollars for visual interest, but these are beautiful on their own.

I hope everyone has had a safe relaxing weekend!  See you back here soon!