May the Fourth Be With You {Star Wars Day}

It’s Star Wars day my fellow cookie nerds.  May the fourth be with you!  I’ve been waiting for this day all year {since I missed it last year} and it’s finally here.

I made these little bitties almost two ago {where did the time go} with random mini cutters. Can you guess what they were in their previous life?  If not, don’t worry because I’m about to tell you.  All you need are these cutters {or anything else that works for that matter} and a paring knife.

1. Regular rectangle, sliced into strips, makes light sabers!

2.Flip ol’ Rudolph over, chop off his horns, and viola, Princess Leia!

3. With two diagonal snips, a tombstone becomes Darth Vader.

4. Spin this pumpkin a little, snip off his stem, and you have Chewbacca. (sorry the cutter is sideways…it could also be Santa, which is what I thought he was when setting up this photo.)

5. To make Yoda, decapitate a smallish gingerbread girl, and cut from under each arm into a “V”.

6. Turn Ol’ St. Nick upside down and you have a perfect Padawan!

7. This is not really a cutter, but rather a part of a cutter. This is the piece used to cut out the inside of a purse handle. I always thought this was a pretty useless cutter until now! It makes a PERFECT mini-R2!

8. Another more whimsical Santa cutter with multi-uses, turn him over and trim off the point of his hat, and he’s a storm trooper.

9. And lastly, my mini snow man face, turned upside-down and trimmed of his brim, becomes C3-PO!


Okay friends, I’ve shown you mine, now it’s time for you to show me yours! Let me see your Star Wars sweets…they can be anything, cookies, cakes, cupcakes even a party.  I want to see it all!