Star Wars Cookies {R2-D2}

Caution…I am about to have a geek moment.  Read at your own risk.

Most of you already know that I am a huge Star Wars junkie.  One of my biggest decorating goals is to “cookie-fy” every character I can.  I’ve already tried it with my holiday cookie cutters and made an in-depth tutorial on Yoda in cookie form.  Now I’m ready to work on my second favorite Star War’s friend, R2-D2.  Luckily this guy is pretty simple which makes him perfect for beginners.

This little R2 unit began as this simple tombstone cutter from Foose.  I trimmed a little off of the bottom of my cookies but that’s optional.

To make these cookies you will need:

To start outline the cookie.  The top should be gray, and the bottom white.  Next used blue 20-second icing to add shapes as shown below, then quickly drop in candy beads.  Use a large black bead for the biggest square and red for the small one.

Give the blue a bit to dry then flood the gray area.

Let the gray set for a bit, then use blue icing to add more details.

Once the gray has set enough that it will not run into the white, flood the bottom half of the cookie.  Also, use gray piping icing to make a little dot and drop a small black candy bead into the wet icing with tweezers.

Let the cookie dry for a bit then finish up with the final details.  I used a photo of R2 for reference and added two little lines under the facial details, three lines on the front panel {using 20-second icing}, and white rectangles on either side.  Of course, this is GREATLY simplified, but after years of cookie-ing, I’ve decided that in most cases that simple is the best route.  Especially when making cookies for kids.

This little guy is perfect as a stand alone cookie favor…

but he also looks great paired with other familiar faves!

I hope everyone is having a great week!  May the force be with you!