Accenting Cookies with Airbrushing {Guest Post}

I love the look of airbrushed cookies, unfortunately I don’t quite have the knack.  Lucky for all of us there are sweet decorators like Laurie and Jeanette of SugarBliss Cookies that are willing to share their expertise.  Today they’ll show us how to create beautiful cookies with simple airbrushed accents.Blog breakHello!  We are so excited about this opportunity to create a little guest post for Sugarbelle!  Our names are Laurie & Jeanette.  We are sisters and about 3 years ago we turned our hobby into a little business called SugarBliss Cookies.  Can you all remember the very first cookies you ever made?  We will never forget ours!  Things started out pretty rough in our kitchen.  After hours of work and anticipation, ours flopped.  BIG TIME!  Our recipes were NOT cooperating and we had so many questions!  Thank goodness for Sugarbelle and her cookie blog! We adore this cookie community and feel like you have all helped and inspired us along the way.  We are so excited to finally be able to share a little something with all of you!  We’ve made a tutorial on how we like to use our airbrush to add some fun color and dimension to our cookies. 

Sugarbliss Nautical Cookie Collection 2

  •  Piping & Flood prepared in egg yolk yellow, sky blue and white (make these colors      fairly light so you will be able to see all of your fabulous airbrushing!)
  • Very small amount of black flood (optional)
  • Tips – 1.5, Wilton 101 and Wilton 101s
  • Airbrush
  • Airbrush color (we like Americolor) in deep pink, copper/fleshtone, black, sky blue, copper sheen, pearl sheen (if you don’t have an airbrush, you could just use the canned stuff in pink, orange, blue, pearl and gold)
  • Fine tip paint brush

Outline and flood your cookies.  Allow to dry (we dry ours under a fan for about 30 min).

Seahorse Dolphin and Seashell Cookies1Add all of the piped details to your cookies.  We used a 1.5 tip for all of the piped lines and the 101 and 101S tips for piping the seahorse’s little fins.

Seahorse Dolphin and Seashell Cookies 2We used a #1.5 for the seashell detail.

Seahorse Dolphin and Seashell Cookies 3Using the copper/fleshtone color for your air brush begin to add some shading to your seahorses and shells focusing in on the areas highlighted in the pictures.  Move right on to the pink.  We don’t even wash our airbrush out between colors.  

Seahorse Dolphin and Seashell Cookies 4The two colors mixed together make a really pretty coral color on the shells.  When you are done with this part, the colors are pretty and vibrant but they are kind of grainy.  We add one more step because we like the colors to blend together even more so you almost can’t tell where they stop and start.  We lightly sprayed the whole seahorse and the base of the shell with copper sheen.  It also adds a little sparkle!

Seahorse Dolphin and Seashell Cookies 5We sprayed the dolphin with sky blue creating the darkest color in areas highlighted in the picture.  Finish him off with a little pearl sheen to soften the color and take that grainy look away.

Seahorse Dolphin and Seashell Cookies 6We painted the eyelashes on with a very fine tip paintbrush and a bit of black airbrush color.  A little goes a long way!  Once the lashes were dry we added a small drop of black flood on top for the eye.  If you don’t have black flood on hand, you could easily just paint the rest of the eye on.

Seahorse Dolphin and Seashell Cookies 7We hope this helped and inspired some of you to go wild with your airbrush!  We love using ours!  Once you start using your airbrush, you’ll find it saves you a lot of time and it adds shading and detail to your cookies you can’t achieve with other techniques.

Sugarbliss Nautical Cookie Collection 1

Blog breakI am always amazed at how these ladies add such depth to their designs with a few simple touches.  Thank you so much for taking the time to share your wisdom.  I am a huge fan of Laurie and Jeanette’s work and you should be too.  Be sure to “like” their Facebook page to so you don’t miss a single creation.

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Happy airbrushing, cookie friends!