“Whale” You Be My Valentine?

These little whale cookies might be one of my all-time favorites.

Whale Cookie

I got the idea for this set from one of my favorite corny Valentine’s Day jokes.

Whale You

Hardy har har.  Get it?

For the cookie I used a balloon cutter and added a wonky flower to some to create a spout.

Whale Cookies 1To make these cookies you will need:

Begin by outlining the cookie as shown below.

Whale Cookies 2

Next, fill the dark blue area with flood icing.

Whale Cookies 3

Once the top portion is flooded, place a dot of lighter blue flood icing onto the base layer and use tweezers to drop in a black sugar pearl.  Remember, you have to work quickly!

whale cookies 4

Give the dark blue icing a bit of time to set, then flood the lighter area and let dry.

whale cookies 5

Finish up by using light blue icing to add the final details.

Whale Cookies 6

Paired with a few simple dolphin cookies these are a perfectly adorable Valentine’s Day cookie collection.

Whale and Dolphin Cookies

Have a relaxing and restful Sunday, cookie friends!