Decorated Mermaid Cookies

Instead of “Simple Mermaid Cookies”, I’m calling these “Relatively Simple Mermaid Cookies”.

Truth is, there’s nothing simple about mermaid cookies.  In fact, this is probably more of an intermediate cookie, but if you’re going to decorate mermaids…this is about as simple as it gets.

Decorated Mermaid Cookie_SweetSugarBelleSince I’m not really into hand-cutting, I used a cutter from my collection.  This fish is from the Betty Crocker 101 Piece Set.  If you don’t have this particular fish cutter, this one is very similar.

Mermaid Cookie Cutter 2Like most of my cookies, this one began as a sketch.  Sketching cookie designs beforehand is the first, best step to great cookie designs because it helps you to avoid mistakes and miscalculations before they happen.  It’s kind of like studying for a test.  Most people do better when they come prepared.

Mermaid Cookie Sketch SweetsugarbelleBefore decorating, transfer the pencil sketch with a food safe marker.  If you have a Kopykake, skip all that and pop the sketch into your projector.

Mermaid Cookie DesignTo decorate these cookies you will need:

Begin by flooding the top portion of the mermaid as shown below.  I used very thick 20-second icing to give the flesh-colored portion a little more bod,y while avoiding craters.

As you can see, I changed the design a bit from the original sketch.  This  is no big deal.  Sometimes it’s hard to see the possibilities until you’re working on an actual cookie.

Mermaid Cookie How ToLet the first step dry for about fifteen minutes before moving on.  Use 20-second icing to fill the tail, then immediately add lines of lighter green icing.  Quickly move on to the next step.

Mermaid Cookie CollageDrag a needle tool upward through the lines to create scales.

Mermaid CookiesNext, add hair.

Mermaid Cookie How To 1Let the base dry for a bit {overnight if you like}, then add details:

  1. Crown
  2. Eyes
  3. Lips
  4. Hair detail
  5. Pearl necklace and bracelet
  6. Shell bikini top {I used a #18 tip}
  7. A small fin at the waist
  8. Tail Fin {I used a #70 tip}

This idea will work for almost any shape fish or whale cutter.  Each of these cutters produce a very nice mermaid.  It’s hard to pick a fave, but I think it is probably the one made with my trusty snowman, of course!

Mermaid Cookie Cutter Collection{Left to right: B, D, and A+C}

If you don’t own a whale cutter you can pick one up here.  I like this one best.

These look great on their own or mixed with other nautical cookie designs.  For ideas, check out these links: