Sweet Sightings {First Edition}

Surfing the world wide web, I constantly run across cookie ideas that demand to be shared.  So, I put together a round-up of all the inspiring designs that make me excited to bake week after week.  Here are my most recent faves from cookie land.

Summer Fun Cookie Collage1.  These pool party cookies by Sweet Ambs look so real that I want to dive right in!  You can check out the tutorial HERE.

2.  I love it when someone takes one of my tutorials to a whole new level.  My Nana’s Nibbles seriously upped the cuteness factor of plain bomb pop cookies with a little airbrushing and a sweet little face.

3.  Melissa Joy is the queen of tic-tac-toe cookies.  Just when I think she’s come up with the cutest idea possible, she goes and does it again.  To see more, click HERE.

4.  Re-purposed cutters are one of my favorite things in the world.  I always get excited when I see new designs, but these scuba frogs from Clough’D 9 Cookies and Sweets made me look at my under-used graduation cutters in a whole new light.  I can’t wait to play with the idea.

5.  These Mermaid Tail Cookies from Baking in Heels are one of those ideas I wish I’d thought of myself.  Aren’t they dreamy?  As soon as I saw them, I ordered Whisked Away Cutter’s “Bun Bun” design in all three sizes.  You can be sure you’ll  seeing my interpretation very soon!

Father's Day Cookies and More6.  It’s sometimes hard to come up with new adjectives to describe Semi-Sweet Mike.  The guy is brilliant!  A few years ago I bought an antique gas pump cutter from an obscure online shop.  What a waste.  These Vintage Gas Pump Cookies made with Karen’s Boy cutter are so much cooler.

7. I’ve long been a fan of Yankee Girl Yummies’ multi-layered designs.  Learn how to make her gorgeous Suede Father’s Day Tie cookies HERE.

8.  Cookie Crazie’s pegboard cookie made me smile.  What a great idea!

9.  As a cookie decorator, I constantly struggle with my perfectionist nature.  This post from Bake at 350 is a poignant reminder to stop trying for perfect and enjoy the creativity in the process.

10.  When I saw these watering cans from Bee Sweet Confections my heart skipped a beat.  Something about these cookies just spoke to me.  I need a reason to make these soon.  While you’re looking, check out this set too.  Dreamy.