Mini-Bomb Pop Cookies

IT’S HOT HERE, and of course, this makes me think of popsicles again.  Specifically Bomb Pops.  Bomb Pops were a rare thing when I was a kid.  We lived several miles out of town and they would melt before we made it home, so the only time I really had them was when I visited my Nanny’s house.
I used a small baby bottle cutter like THIS ONE to make the actual cookie, and inserted cool little half-size popsicle sticks that I got at my local craft store.

To decorate Bomb Pop Cookies you will need:

  • black piping icing
  • red, white, and blue flood icing a tiny bit thinner than 20-second icing…maybe 17-second-ish
  • any color food color marker
To begin, use the food color marker to divide your cookie into segments as pictured below.  This will help to keep them uniform as you decorate.
As you can see, I used my purple pen because I don’t use it that much.  After the cookies were marked, I outlined them with black, using a #3 tip.  You can definitely use a #2 if you like.
Next, I began the flooding process.  The key is to fill alternating sections so that you get the definition of a real Bomb Pop.
Let them dry for 30-40 minutes {I prefer to use a fan} then come back and fill another section.  In hindsight, I could have done this in 3 steps, BUT, I’ve never been known for doing things the easy way.
Let that dry for a while and then fill another section.
And after a bit more drying ANOTHER, and FINALLY they are finished!   I probably didn’t need all of the pictures, but I’m a visual person, so I like to really put it out there.
And for those of you who think it’s mildly insane to do all the steps above this works just as well.  Same concept.  Three sections, fill the red and blue, come back fill with white, let dry then use the black and a #1.5 or #2 tip to add lines.
And if you want yours to have a cute little bite taken out of it, do this {ignore the fact that these are watermelons rather than Bomb Pops}.
Any, fluted edged cutter will work, by the way.  I hope that everyone out there is COOLER than I am!  Did I mention that it is disgustingly HOT here?  *Sigh* since I can’t change that, I’ll concentrate on cookies.
These are the first of MANY red, white and blue cookies to come in the weeks leading up to the fourth!  It’s going to be a lot of fun, so get ready to DECORATE!  Oh yes, and if you are into the theme thing, you HAVE to see these BOMB POP cupcakes that my friend Kristan made.  How’s THAT for a par-tay?!
Happy summer!