Lingerie Cookies

Lingerie cookies are ALWAYS popular for bachelorette parties.  They are funny.  {Especially when making them with your little brother}  I’ve made them PG and a little more than PG…either way they always bring giggles.

I used two cutters for this set, a Wilton heart, and a swimsuit cutter that I got from Little Fox Factory, whose cutters I LOVE, by the way…

When I make lingerie cookies ?I usually do several different designs just to keep it fun.  I picked my favorite today.

To make these you will need:
  • white, black, and light brown flood icing {the back should have a #1 or #1.5 tip}
  • piping icing in white, with a #2 or #3 tip and an extra #1 or #1.5 tip
  • piping icing in black with a #1.5 tip
?Begin with a swimsuit or corset cookie.  I prefer this cookie, but Copper Gifts and Ecrandal both have very lovely corset cookie cutters. 
PS- I feel compelled to mention my friend Marlyn decorated most of the examples at both places =)
If you are short on time, or money, baby onesies can be adapted NICELY for this project!
Here we go!  First, outline.  If you look carefully, I changed my mind on the design soon after I began piping?  SIMPLE fix.  I just scraped off the part I didn’t like with a toothpick and started again. 

After I outlined,  I filled the sections.  I waited a little while between so that there would be definition between sections and they wouldn’t run together.
After that dried, I filled in the little “peeking” section in the middle with light brown. 
 For a “sexier” cookie, although, I am not sure cookies can be sexy, you could make the middle section flesh tone {for tips on skin tone icing, click HERE} and add a little belly button…but since I like my tummy hidden, I went with the cover-up.

IMMEDIATELY, use the black flood icing fitted with the #1.5 tip and add leopard print to the wet center section.  To see a tutorial on making leopard print cookies, click HERE.

Next, use the white piping icing fitted with a small tip {#1.5} to add lines for “boobies”.  If it makes it easier, turn them upside down and draw those simple little doodles that made birds when you were in grade school!

Next, use the black piping icing fitted with a #1.5 tip to add ruffles.

Last, add the last few fun touches. I did “waist” lines and a little ribbon, and then let them dry completely.
These can be made in SEVERAL different designs and styles and accented with many other cookies to personalize them.
Are you surprised these are for a Texan bride-to-be? 
You should absolutely try these.  Whether you make them before the party, or decorate them as one of the activities, they are a ton of fun and lots of laughs!
Happy Monday, everyone!