Making Cookies From Paper Templates

For some reason, I was BURSTING with Independence Day ideas, and completely at a loss for Father’s Day.  So, I did what I usually do when I don’t have an answer, I MADE something up.  Yes, I do that a lot…

This is what I came up with.  Now AFTER I made all of these, I had all sorts of neat ideas like “DAD” on a bed of grass and a golf ball where the heart is, or replacing the heart with a shotgun shell for all those hunting dads…but that’s going to have to wait a few days.
For now, this is what I’ve got, which is appropriate, because I sure love my dad.

It’s really easy to do, and also very inexpensive.  I tend to use cardstock because it’s handy, easy to cut, and sturdy enough to stand up to repeated uses, BUT you can do stencil paper, manila folders, or my personal fave, old plastic lids.
Once you’ve cut out your design, place it directly onto the dough and cut around it with a sharp paring knife. 
 Word to the wise,don’t try to show off and cut too fast.  You might lose something important.

I do this ALL THE TIME.  I’m a doodler, and this feeds my habit.  Would you believe it if I told you I almost drove my algebra teacher to drink with my constant doodling?  This has been a lifelong affliction.
These are some recent ones.  I have a drawer full of these, and Berndogg has been trained NEVER to throw away one of my scribbled papers.  It could very well be my latest masterpiece!
I used hand drawn templates to make most of the cookies below and also for my decades platter

Did I mention this is CHEAP…and EASY?! { I know I did, that was for emphasis}
So, until Beth or Eric allow me to move into the guest house and adopt me as one of their own, this is what I will do…
I hope this inspires to to make your own shape when none of your cutters are just right. It really allows your creativity to FLOW!

This week has really flown by!  Remember, I will be moving from Blogger to WordPress very soon, so be sure to sign up to receive an email for new posts!