Quilted Royal Icing

Quilting?  Tufting?  Whatever you call it this easy technique is a simple way to dress up decorated cookies.  It’s pretty much my new favorite thing.

Quilted CookieIt’s possible to make quilted cookies without special equipment but to save time I prefer to use a Kopykake.  If you don’t have a projector, check out Sweetamb’s tutorial on Celebrations.com or purchase her how-to video here.

To make quilted cookies you will need:

Start by printing out the quilting template.  Once the image is trimmed and secured in the projector, it will look like this.  Center the design and adjust the Kopykake lens so the image fits the cookie.

Quilted Royal Icing 1Carefully fill alternating sections with 20-second icing.  If necessary use a toothpick to draw icing into the corners.

Quilted Royal Icing 2Its okay if the corners touch because they will eventually be covered, but for a cleaner look try to keep it to a minimum.

Quilted Royal Icing 3Let the first layer set long enough to dry a bit.  Patience is the most important part of creating a dimensional look.

Quilted Royal Icing 4Next, fill in the remaining squares.  At this point, you won’t need a projector.  It looks a little messy but don’t panic, it’s easy to fix.

Quilted Royal Icing 5Finish up by adding dots in where the squares meet.  It always amazes me how such a tiny detail can completely “clean up” a design.

Quilted Royal Icing 6This simple design is a great way to dress up any cookie collection.  Whether you have a projector or not, they’re easy to make.

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