Easy Alice in Wonderland Cookie

I don’t mind hand-cutting cookies here and there, but if there’s any way around it I’m there.  Take sweet little Alice for example.

Alice in Wonderland Cookie Cutter 1I couldn’t quite find a cutter to suit my “vision” so I pieced together two from my collection.  The Wilton girl and flip flop combine perfectly to create Alice.

Alice in Wonderland Cookie CutterUnfortunately, the Wilton girl cutter is discontinued but you can often find it on Ebay or use another girl cutter like this one from Karen’s Cookies.

This Alice Cookie is a little larger than my usual {about 4.5 inches baked} but they worked well with the larger “potion bottle” cutters.  If you don’t want her quite that big, use smaller cutters.

Graphic Alice in Wonderland Cookies Close-UpIf you plan on making Alice cookies often Sweet Butterfly makes a very nice copper version that can be re-purposed for other designs.  To learn more check out her Instagram feed or Facebook page.

If Alice in Wonderland cookies are in your future check out these helpful links: