Potion Bottle Cookies

If cookies could have a theme song you’d be reading this to the tune from The Wonder Years.  If it weren’t for a little {or a lot} of help from my friends, we wouldn’t even be talking about them now.

Potion Bottle CookieThey started out like a lot of my cookie ideas, as a completely different cutter.  From the moment I saw them I was imagining new shapes.  Like potion bottles.  All it took was a little trimming.

Potion Bottle Cookie CutterIf you don’t have these cutters, that’s okay.  You could use another sundae cutter, a beaker, a baby rattle, a skull, or maybe a hot air balloon.  Be creative.

I thought about adding a cork, but scrapped that idea in the interest of cutting colors.  But you could if ya really wanted.

Potion Bottle Cookie 1

Anywho, to make these cookies you will need:

Begin by outlining the cookie with white icing.  I used a #2 tip.  Fill the bottle with blue icing leaving a space pictured below.  After the blue has set, fill in the remaining space with green.

Potion Bottle Cookies 2This is where it turns into a story about friends rather than a cookie  tutorial.  Bet you didn’t see that coming.

Up until this step I was on a roll.  I had an idea and a plan.  I used 20-second icing to add a label, let it dry then set out to antique them a la Arty McGoo.  I mean, I’ve seen her live demo it and it looked simple enough.  Then I realized I’m no Arty McGoo.  It took three tries and a little coaching {from those friends I mentioned} to even get into the ballpark.

Potion Bottle Cookies 4Since I’m now painfully aware that I am not qualified to give tips on cookie painting, I’ll just summarize the experience.

Begin by watching Arty McGoo’s antiquing video.  Use a paper towel to dab the wet brush before touching the cookie, paint with a swirly motion rather than strokes, and I prefer ivory gel paste over brown.  Did I mention that I made a mess?

Potion Bottle Cookies 3 The antiquing debacle threw me so much that I kind of lost steam.  I was frustrated and nothing looked right.  I ended up sending out SOS messages to some of my closest cookie friends.  I ended up with these.

Potion Bottle Cookie 6There aren’t step-by-step photos of that nightmare, but the moral of the story and the reason that these cookies have a theme song is that I got by with a little help from my friends.  Which is kind of appropriate for Alice in Wonderland cookies anyway.

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