Shark Mouth Cookies

Call me a nerd, but these cookies give me a chuckle.  Believe it or not, they were inspired by kid’s clothing.

How to use a simple egg cutter to make shark cookies for Shark Week via

Shark Mouth CookieNot only is he cute…this camera-shy little boy is great cookie inspiration.

Caleb Shark ShirtTo make shark mouth cookies gently squish a simple egg cutter to create a slightly pointier tip.  A larger cutter is best because it’s still a good size with an inch or so trimmed off the base.

Shark Mouth Cookie 1To decorate these cookies you will need:

Before decorating I traced around a small paper template with a fine-tipped marker to make uniform mouths.

Shark Mouth Cookie 2To begin outline and fill the top section of the cookie with gray icing.

Shark Mouth Cookie 3Let the gray set for a bit, then fill the mouth with gray 20-second icing.

Shark Mouth Cookie 4When the base is dry add teeth and nostrils. To make sharp pointy teeth make a small dot on the line where the two colors meet and drag the tip down through the icing while releasing pressure.  I used a #2 tip for teeth and #1.5 for nostrils.

Shark Mouth Cookie 5To make bitten shorts and surfboards use a scalloped-type cutter to take a “bite” out of the cookie before baking.  For a more in-depth tutorial, check out how to make bitten surfboard cookies from Not Your Momma’s Cookie.

Shark-Bitten Shorts CookieThese silly cookies are giggle-worthy and easy to make.

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