Hawaiian Shirt Cookies for Father’s Day

All-in-all, I would say that I have a pretty cool husband.  I mean, he puts up with the whole cookie hobby thing and he does laundry, but there’s one thing about him that just really bugs me.  The guy doesn’t like Hawaiian shirts.  Apparently, he thinks they’re dorky.  Crazy right?  I think every man needs at least one tropically-type shirt.

In any case, since the hubs is not down with flowery shirts, I have to get my Hawaiian shirt kicks in other ways.  Turns out they make for pretty cute cookies.   I bet Jimmy Buffet would agree.

To make these cookies you will need:

  • Piping and flood icing in the color of your choice for the shirt {for a great no-taste red, try tulip red}
  • Two colors of flood icing for the flowers {I chose yellow and white}
  • Toothpicks

Begin by outlining the cookie with a #3 tip. Just a little side note…if you need a good T-shirt cutter, try Little Fox Factory.  That’s where I found mine. It comes in very handy for things like football jerseys and scrubs.

Anywho, once the cookie is outlined fill it with flood icing.  Just take care not to over flood.  The icing will need a little room to move up when more is added.  Kinda like bathtub water does when you sit in it.

Normally I outline with a #2, but for wet on wet work, I often go up a size.  It gives me a little for peace of mind.  Overflowing icing is NOT my thing.

Also, I should have mentioned this before, but it’s important to have all your supplies nearby because this is one of those “work quickly” kind of cookies.

After flooding the cookie immediately use flood icing to make rings in the wet base.

Next, drag a toothpick {or boo boo stick} through the ring, starting on the outside and moving in toward the center.  Repeat four more times then move on to the rest of the rings.  If you’re OCD like me, keep a wet towel nearby to wipe the tip in-between drags to keep things crisp.

At this point the cookie will look like this.  Cute, but not finished.  Remember you have to work quickly so this is not the time for fooling around.

For the next step, use white icing and make a grouping of three or four dots.  You can leave them alone or drag the toothpick through them the same as with the rings.  It pretty much boils down to personal preference and how quickly your icing is drying.

Like I said, the most important thing is to work quickly, but for wet-on-wet applications it also helps to make your flood icing a little on the thin side.  This will buy you a little time.

Once the base is filled, let the cookie dry completely {overnight if possible}.

The next day add the final details.  I went with a collar, pocket, and a few buttons, then filled them and added flowers following the same instructions as above.  Please forgive the fact that the buttons are technically on the wrong side.  I may be one heck of a cookie decorator, but apparently the whole left and right thing eludes me.

Here are the details broken down.  You can use these or make up your own, but if you do I suggest tracing the cutter and sketching them out beforehand.  It might save you a goof or two.

For funsies {and because I had some extras squares} I added this bamboo trimmed cookie.  It was an afterthought but ended up being my favorite.  I made a tutorial for the bamboo edge, so keep your eyes peeled.


Anywho, here’s the whole set.  I think Mr. Buffet would be proud.

As for Mr. Cool, he may end up with a Hawaiian shirt after all.  The kids and I are doing a little Father’s Day shopping and they’re very easily influenced…especially by someone carrying cookies.  And everyone knows, if the kids pick it you HAVE to wear it.

What are you giving the dads in your life for Father’s Day?