Pretty Cake Stand Cookies

Sometimes one little detail can make an ordinary cookie cutter extraordinary.  By combining two everyday cutters I completely  changed the look of this wedding cake cookie.

I used a simple Wilton cake cutter and used a small triangle from this set {which is very handy to have around} to add a stand.

Bake together and decorate and you’ll have beautiful cookies like these!

You can also use other cutter combos to make cake stand cookies.  I combined a top hat and mini-kiss cutter {both from Hobby Lobby} for a more whimsical look.

Decorating them is simple.  Just remember, it’s all about layering.

  1. Use sea foam green 20-second icing to create a cake stand.
  2. Give the stand 20 minutes to dry, then used ivory flood icing to create the cake layers.
  3. After another 20-30 minutes of dry time, use brown 20-second icing for the frosting.
  4. Add a few pretty details to the cake plate with green piping icing.
  5. Finish up with pretty accent flowers in white and pink.  I used a #1.5 tip.

I didn’t do a step-by step tutorial because this is a simple design that leaves a lot of room for creativity.  I cannot wait to see your version.  Speaking of creativity, my friend Lisa, The Bearfoot Baker has also created a GORGEOUS cake stand cookie.  You should hop on over and take a look!

I hope everyone is surviving graduation cookie season!

Happy Baking!