Crawfish Boil Cookies {Guest Post}

Today I have a special guest post from one of my favorite cookie gals, Vicki, of Vicki’s Sweet Treats.  I am constantly amazed by her designs and I think you will be too!

Hi, my name is Vicki and I am from the big ole state of Mississippi.  If you live in the south, you know this time of year is crawfish season. Hardly a weekend passes here without a good ole “boil” going down.  It’s what we do.

There are obvious elements of a souther crawfish boil, of course…crawfish, the star of the show, BAM! seasoning, and a few chunks of lemon {click here for a tutorial} .  But you cannot forget about the very special cast of side characters crucial to a good boil.  Enter corn and boiled potatoes!

When you are “cookie-ing” your crawfish boil, you want to make the lumpiest, bumpiest potatoes possible.

For the “taters” you will need:

  • 1.  Dark brown outline and 15-second icing {I mix a little red in to make them look authentic}
  • 2.  Stiff black piping icing icing
  • 3.  Either black luster dust or black airbrush spray

For my potato, I used the candy end of my “cotton candy” cutter, but you also could use a round cutter indenting the sides and top with your fingers to make a random shape.

  1. Outline the tater in brown icing
  2. .  Using the black outline……….pipe little circles on the cookie for the “eyes”.  I came back again after 5 minutes and piped a circle on top of the circle to get a “tall” eye so that I can create height.
  3. Flood the cookie with the brown icing all around the eyes.  Let this dry maybe 5 minutes until it almost wants to “crust over”.
  4. Come back and add the “bumps” by sticking your icing tip in the already flooded cookie and “pump it up” with some more 15 second icing.  Don’t over-do or it will flow over the sides.  Do this all over the potato – make it lumpy and bumpy like a real potato!

When the potatoes are completely dry use a q-tip to brush on some black luster dust. This will give it a real “boiled potato” look.  If you have an airbrush system, you can also use that for shading.

As for  the corn, it has to go straight from the garden to the pot!  To make it you will need:

  • Yellow icing {outline and flood & a bit of 15 second}
  • 2 “extra” shades of yellow {golden and a lighter yellow} 15 second icing

*After much searching I bought my corn cutter at Coppergifts and have used it often.  I like putting in “cut up” pieces of corn too, which is as easy as chopping off the ends..

Begin by outlining and flooding the cookies yellow – let dry under fan for about 15 minutes

Next, using the same color yellow put kernels randomly all over the ear. Don’t let any of them touch or they will run together. Let that dry about 10 minutes and come back and fill some more in.  Then, using a golden yellow, do the same.  Repeat this process after letting dry 10 minutes.  Finally repeat the steps with the third color.

This looks time consuming, but it is not. If you place the corn under the fan each time you can easily have a whole “bushel” of corn in an hour or so.

That’s it!    You’ve made crawfish cookies which makes you an official southerner! If you are of the northern persuasion, however, you can do the same thing and call them lobster boil cookies, although you may want to skip the Tabasco!

 Happy Boiling Friends!

If you’re making crawfish boil cookies, you’ll probably need shrimp too.  To check out The Bearfoot Baker’s cookie crustaceans click here.

As I mentioned before, Vicki is one of my biggest inspirations.  If you’d like to keep track of her {and you should} she has a Flicker photostream and a Facebook Page which you should definitely “LIKE” because stalking is in these days!