Watermelon Slice Cookies

I love coming up with innovative cookie designs, but sometimes there’s nothing better than tried and true.  Watermelon cookies are not a new idea but they are always a fun, fresh crowd pleaser.  Take them to your next summer picnic and you’ll see what I mean.

I like to use a 7-inch plastic storage container to cut out these cookies just like I did for my pizza cookies.  If you’d like to see how a simple Tupperware can be turned into a cookie cutter, click here.

Any circle or slice type cutter would work, of course, but I like a solid a 3 1/2 inch wedge so this is what I do.  Use a knife to cut the circle in half then divide into wedges.  They can be as small or large as you like.  I kinda prefer sixths.

Once the cookies are sliced and baked, it’s time to decorate.  To make these cookies you will need:

Before we start, I want to talk about watermelon pink icing.  It’s one of my new favorite colors.  I make this color by mixing soft pink and terracotta Americolor gel color with just a touch of ivory.

See what a pretty color it makes?  I love it.  When it comes to color mixing, there are a few very important rules to remember.  Make a little more icing than you think you will need and always work in ratios.  People often over complicate color mixing which can totally ruin the cookie decorating experience.  If you’re worried that you might goof keep a notepad nearby and write down the colors and amount {in drops} as you add each color.  If you find the final color is not quite dark enough, repeat the process until you reach the desired intensity.   We’ll talk about this more later.  For more help with color mixing, you can find my printable color chart here.

Begin decorating by using green 20-second icing to create the rind.  Then, quickly come back and add the white section.  Since the rind is technically one piece anyway, it’s okay for them to merge.

The next part of the cookie is what makes it, in my opinion.  Use an airbrush to lightly shade the rind.  I mixed green and yellow color, but plain green is just fine.  I love how natural it makes the watermelon look.  If you don’t have an airbrush you can skip it of course, but I really do think it’s special.  PS-My non-Hawaiian shirt wearing husband wants ya’ll to know he took this awesome picture.

Finally use watermelon pink icing to cover the rest of the watermelon and drop on candied black sunflower seeds.  I got the idea from Glorious Treat’s version of watermelon cookies and I love it.  You can find these at bulk candy stores {like the ones in the mall} or places like World Market.  You just gotta keep an eye out.  A little word of advice, though.  If you’re buying them on a hot day, do not leave them in the car.  They will melt.

You know how sometimes you do something and when you’re finished you figure out it would have been way easier yo do it another way?  Well that happened to me when I made these.  When I got to the last two cookies I figured out that it’s much easier to stick the seeds onto the cookie and then flood.  Oh well, now you know.

Anywho, let them dry overnight and you’ll have a fun summer platter, sure to please!

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