Gumball Machine Cookies

There is just something about candy cookies that makes me happy.  I’m pretty sure I whistled the entire Willy Wonka soundtrack while I worked on these.

Gumball Machine CookiesWhen I saw this small gumball machine cutter at Cheap Cookie Cutters I immediately fell in love.  If you think you need one for yourself {and I am sure you do} click HERE.

To make these cookies you will need:

  • Light blue piping and flood icing
  • 20-second icing in the colors of your choice for gumballs
  • Piping and flood icing in the color of your choice for the machine
  • White piping icing

Begin by outlining the globe of the gumball machine as pictured below.

Gumball Machine Cookies 1Flood the outlined area and then drop colored dots into the wet icing.  This gives the cookie a little more dimension.

Gumball Machine Cookies 2Next add the cap and outline the body of the machine.  I skipped outlining the lid because I worried that it might be crater.  Before moving on, use 20-second icing to add the candy chute.

Gumball Machine Cookies 4When the chute has set up flood the body.

Gumball Machine Cookies 5After the base is pretty set {maybe after a few hours} use 20-second icing to make a coin mechanism.  Add a dot of darker 20-second icing to create the coin slot.

Gumball Machine Cookies 6When the cookies are completely dry finish up with a few details.  First add more gumballs then outline the globe, pipe a knob, then finish with the body and lid details

Gumball Machine Cookies 7There are a lot of steps involved in this cookie design but I think the final product is worth it.

Candy CookiesI mixed my gumball machines with several other fun candy-themed cookies.  Everything about these makes me happy!

Candy Close-UpThe Candyman is not the only guy that take sunshine and sprinkle it with dew.  Cookiers are pretty darn good at it too!  For more cute candy-themed ideas, check out these links:

Have a great week everyone!