Cookie Deli Platter for Superbowl Sunday

You know you have reached the brink of cookie insanity when you cookie a commercial you see on TV.  Thank goodness for DVR, right?  With a quick press of the pause button and the click of a camera phone, this cookie idea came to life.

Deli Tray Cookie PlatterEach cookie in this collection was made with widely avaliable cutters.  A letter “C” from the Wilton ABC & 123 cookie cutter set, small scalloped and regular rounds, a small square, and half-moon cutter.

To make the half moon shape, I took a page from Klickitat Street’s playbook and trimmed a spare circle cutter with tin snips.

Funny Food Cookie CuttersSince I’m throwing a lot of information {and really weird colors} out there at once, I’ll try to keep things as simple as possible.

To make these cookies you will need:

  • Bologna pink piping and flood icing {mix a touch or tulip red+ivory}
  • Cheddar orange piping and flood icing {mix egg yellow+orange}
  • Swiss ivory 20-second icing {a touch of ivory}
  • Pepperoni red piping and flood icing {mix red+warm brown}
  • Cracker brown 20-second icing {mix warm brown+egg yellow}
  • Pickle green piping and flood icing {mix leaf green+egg yellow+a touch of warm brown}
  • Lighter green flood icing {stir a tiny bit of white into the bowl used to mix the darker green}

Bologna Cookies

  1. Outline the cookie
  2. Flood
  3. Accent with an airbrush {optional, see this post for help}

Bologna CookieCheddar Cheese Cookies

  1. Outline the cookie
  2. Flood
  3. Accent with an airbrush {optional, see this post for help}

Sliced Cheese CookieSwiss Cheese Cookies

  1. Outline the cookie with ivory 20-second icing
  2. Quickly flood the outline to prevent noticible seams
  3. Accent with an airbrush {you’re going to have to pretend I did for the sake of this collage…in any case, it’s optional, see this post for help}

Swiss Cheese CookiePepperoni Cookies

  1. Outline the cookie
  2. Flood
  3. Quickly, while the icing is wet, use bologna colored flood icing to drop in several dots in various sizes

Pepperoni CookieRitz Cracker Cookies

  1. Use a food safe marker to map out the holes in each cracker {if you have a Kopykake, you can use that instead}
  2. Beginning in the middle, use 20-second icing to flood the center section
  3. Work out toward the edges until the entire cookie is filled
  4. Let the cookie dry for 2-5 minutes and sprinkle with a light layer of clear sanding sugar
  5. Accent with an airbrush {optional, see this post for help}

*In hindsight, I’d probably reverse steps four and five {spray with an airbrush before adding sugar} but both methods will produce about the same result.

Ritz Cracker CookiesPickle Cookies

These cookies were the only one of the bunch that required trimming, so I want to talk about that first.  Use a letter “C” {or #1…or any cutter with long enough to create a pickle}, trim, and gently round the edges with your finger.

  1. Pickle Cookie CutterOutline the cookie
  2. Flood
  3. Use lighter green icing to make two lines in the wet icing
  4. Quickly swirl the darker and lighter green icing using a toothpick, boo-boo stick, or needle tool
  5. Accent with an airbrush {optional, see this post for help}

Pickle CookieEach one of these cookies is EXCEPTIONALLY simple, but combined they’re an adorable treat.

Deli Tray CookiesI’m sure these cookies won’t replace the normal snack food spread, but bring them to your next party…they’re sure to be a hit!

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