Polar Pals Decorated Cookies

With the recent blast of bitterly cold weather, it is almost impossible not to have winter cookies on the brain.  Polar pal cookies are the perfect way to keep warm and busy on a long winter day.

Polar Pal Cookie_SweetsugarbelleI used my trusty snowman cutter as the base for this sweet little snow girl.

Winter Girl Cookie SketchTo make these cookies you will need:

Begin by using a round cookie cutter and food safe marker to map out the face.  This is a great way to create uniform cookies without a projector.

Eskimo Cookie 1Next, flood each section of the face with 20-second icing.  Let partially dry.

Eskimo Cookie 2Once the face is set, outline and fill the parka.

Eskimo Cookie 3Wait a bit then add hair, hands {I used piping icing}, and boots.  At this point, let the cookie completely dry.

Eskimo Cookie 4Once the base is dry, add fur trim to the parka.  I went with Ateco grass tip #133 because it’s a little smaller in diameter {therefore more precise} than Wilton’s version, #233.  If you don’t have the Ateco version, you can pick them up here or here.

Eskimo Cookie 5It takes a little time to get used to using a grass tip, so you might do a practice run on paper before attempting this technique an actual cookie.

Holding the tip at a ninety degree angle just above the cookie, lightly squeeze, pull up, and release.

Eskimo Cookie 6For the best result, try not to dip the tip back into the wet icing.  I had a little trouble with this part, as you can see below but luckily fur isn’t perfect.  If necessary, use a clean wet cloth to clean the tip between cookies, or have a couple spare tips on hand.

Finish up with eyes and a nose.

Eskimo Cookie 7To complete the look I mixed my sweet little winter gal with trees, penguins, polar bears, seals, and LizyB inspired snow-fall cookies.

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