Simple Star Trek Cookies

Confession time.  As much as  love Star Trek I am not a true “Trekkie”.  That title actually belongs to my brother.  By the time he was in the fourth grade he faithfully read his Star Trek encyclopedia, spoke a bit of Klingon, and played with various USS Enterprise models that he lovingly glued together piece by piece.  Thanks to a family rule that we take turns picking movies {I come from a time where people usually only had one TV and VCR} over time I grew to love Star Trek myself.  That doesn’t make me an expert though, so all you die hards go easy on me.  I am just a wannabe.

Anywho, I’m sure y’all already know, Friday is a big day.  I’m so excited I had to make cookies.  I went simple of course, because that’s my way.

Starfleet Insignia Cookie 1

I used these four cutters to make every cookie in my Star Trek collection.  You can try them all or just pick a fave.  Try Ebay if you don’t have the Wilton boy cutter.  It’s discontinued but its easy to find if you look around.

Star Trek Cookie Cutters

To make the Starfleet Insignia cookie I simply trimmed a star cutter.  I know it’s not exact but it’s cute, simple, and gets the point across, which is kind of my personal mantra.

Star Trek Insignia Cookie 1

To make these cookies you will need:

  • Yellow-ish piping and flood icing {I used leftovers but for a similar color mix warm brown and egg yellow}
  • Black piping icing
  • Gold color mist or gold airbrush sheen

Begin by outlining and filling the cookies.

Star Trek Insignia Cookie 2

Let them dry a bit then lightly mist with gold sheen.

Star Trek Insignia Cookie 3

Before moving on to the next step the cookies must be completely dry.  I used the extra time to make a stencil.  To do this simply Google “Starfleet Insignia”, click on images,  find one you like and resize it to fit the cutter you choose.  Next, print the image, place under a blank sheet of stencil paper, and cut out with an Exacto or heated stencil knife.

Star Trek Insignia Cookie 4

When the cookies are dry stencil the design onto the cookie.  For more in depth instructions on stenciling, check out THIS POST.

Star Trek Insignia Cookie 5

Finish up by piping a black border around the insignia using a #2 tip.

Star Trek Insignia Cookie 7

Simplify things even further and skip the trimming.

Star Fleet Insignia Cookie 2

You can also use a candy corn cutter and cut a little notch out of the bottom.  Technically, this is actually a surfboard cutter from Little Fox Factory, but you get the idea.  PS-If disco dust scares you, skip it.

Star Fleet Insignia Cookie

I followed Bakingdom’s awesome cookie tutorial {and made a few booboos} to create these guys.  Somehow I forgot Scotty.  The shame.

{Top to bottom, left to right: Uhura, Spock, Chekov, Kirk, McCoy, Sulu}

Star Trek Cast Cookies

I also added a few uniform cookies for fun.  Those of you who noticed that I stenciled the uniform insignia on backwards {before I pointed it out} get ten Trekkie points.

Star Trek Cookies HR

Anywho, come Saturday you’ll find me parked right in the center of the movie theater.  I hope I don’t cry.  No, I’m not kidding.

For those of you non-Star Trek fans, here are a couple of my favorite Star Trek facts.

  • In the hallways of the Enterprise there are tubes marked “GNDN”, these initials stand for “goes nowhere does nothing”.  I’m pretty sure one of those engineers came back in time and built my house.
  • On at least two episodes of Star Trek the exterior Mayberry set from “The Andy Griffith Show” was used.  If you pay attention you can spot the courthouse, Floyd’s barbershop, Emmett’s repair shop, and the grocery store.
  • Uniform color designates what division of the ship each member was assigned to.  In the original series gold signified Command, including Navigation and Weaponry, red Operations {Engineering, Security, and Services}, and blue Sciences. In the Next Generation Operations and Command switch colors while Sciences remain blue.
  • In the original series crew members wearing red shirts were more likely to die than the other colors.
  • Vulcans have green blood while Klingons bleed pink.
  • The Vulcan Salute was invented by Leonard Nimoy.  It is based on the Priestly Blessing performed by Jewish Kohanim which Nimoy witnessed as a child.
  • The first on-screen interracial kiss was between William Shatner {Captian Kirk} and Nichelle Nichols {Lieutenant Nyota Uhura}  in 1968.
  • When Zachary Quinto played Spock he had to glue his fingers together to do the Vulcan Salute.
  • I can’t do the Vulcan salute because I am double jointed, but my son sure can and it makes me proud!
  • Since the on-set turbolift doors in the original series were opened by stagehands using a ropes and pulleys, it was not at all uncommon for poor unsuspecting actors to run face first into a door that didn’t open.

Also, if anyone who might buy me geeky gifts {like my brother} is reading I would really really like these cutters or this oven mitt.  You can also purchase Star Trek cutters on ETSY or via Cheap Cookie Cutters.

I could go on…but I really shouldn’t.  Instead y’all should spend your free time checking out these other amazing Star Trek Cookies: