Charlie Brown Cookies {Easy Chevron Print}

For those of you that think chevron is a new trend…think again.  The always lovable Charlie Brown has been rocking chevron print for over sixty years now.

Chevron Cookie

I’ve made many chevron cookies and it always involves either a kopykake or a template like THIS.  Then a few weeks ago I received these nifty little chevron cutters from Cheap Cookie Cutters and instantly fell in love.

Chevron Cookie Cutter

You can make full chevron cookies of course, {Lizy B has a great tutorial HERE} or you can use them to cookiefy Chuck’s iconic threads.  It’s as simple as using the cutter to lightly mark the dough.

Chevron Cookie 2

A light impression is all you need for the marks to be visible after baking.

Chevron Cookie 3

Once the cookies are cool, simply outline and flood.  They work great as a stand alone design {especially if you’re a beginner} but you also can mix them with the rest of the Peanuts crew.

Charlie Brown Shirt Cookie

For a little more info on how I made Charlie Brown and friends, check out this post on using a Kopykake projector.

Charlie Brown Cookie Platter

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