Pretty Potted Violet Cookies

I love violets because they remind me of my Mamaw who has always been partial to them.  She has them growing all over her house.  While I didn’t inherent her green thumb, I can definitely do violets my way!Potted Violet Cookies

These potted violet cookies began as a cupcake cutter, although I cannot take credit for the idea.  Bea of Cancun Cookies had the same one long ago.  To see her version click here.

To make these cookies you will need:

  • Terracotta piping and flood icing {mix tulip red, warm brown, and egg yolk yellow}
  • Violet piping and flood icing
  • Stiff purple icing in a lighter shade and a #103 tip
  • #7 flower nail and wax paper squares
  • Yellow piping icing
  • Stiff green icing and a #66 tip

Begin by outlining and flooding the pot.  Fill the lip and let dry for 20 or 30 minutes.

Next use a #2 tip to add flowers.  Fill the flowers and then the bottom portion of the pot. At this point it’s good to let the cookies dry completely.

Making accent flowers is a great way to pass drying time.  These flowers are a hybrid apple blossom-violet thingy that I made up, which is code for “I didn’t know what I was doing so I did the best I could”.  At midnight I decided to learn to make them…and I did.  Sort of.

After a little looksie at the Wilton tutorial, I had a basic idea of what to do, but since I didn’t want to wait on the nifty little pre-made stickers I had to wing it.  If you look closely, you can see a faint pencil outline of a five point star on the flower nail.  I drew it there to help me make five even sections with a Sharpie. I still ordered the neat stickers, but this worked alright in a pinch.

The tutorial said to use a #101 tip, so of course I used a #103…my thought was bigger tip, bigger flower, but who knows, I might have made that up.  In any case, don’t give up right away if you’re having a hard time.  It just takes practice.  If the Wilton tutorial isn’t doing it for ya, I recommend picking up Autumn Carpenter’s book, The Complete Photo Guide to Cake Decorating.  It’s full of helpful hints and it has LOTS of pictures, which I LIKE.

Anyway, make flowers and use a #1.5 tip to add middles.  Let them dry.  The next day, you’ll have this {and possibly a HUGE mess} but you’ll be ready to finish up your violet cookies.

Use a #1.5 tip to add centers to the cookie violets and a #66 to pipe filler leaves.

Give the cookies a bit more time to dry, then use green piping icing to attach the violets you made.  Its a good idea to lay them out to see where you want them to be.

Finally fill in the bare spaces with leaves and let dry.

Tada! Pretty potted violets in cookie form!  For the record, there IS a tutorial for royal icing violets…but I didn’t figure it out until after I made a gazillion purple apple blossoms.  I decided to let it go and use these.  Please don’t hate me.

Not quite the real deal, but since I know my sweet tooth was inherited from my Mamaw, I’m pretty sure these will make her just as happy!

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Have a great week my cookie friends!