Bright and Pretty Daisy Cookies {Guest Post}

While many cookie decorators have moved to Facebook, Flickr is still my preferred place to keep up with all of my cookie friends.  One of my favorite ways to relax at the end of long day is to head over and catch up on my favorite artists.  That’s where I “met” Evon.

Evon, also known as, Cookievonster, was one of my very first cookie crushes.  Her designs, with layers of texture, detail, and gorgeous colors, are a feast for the eyes.  Even simple designs like these decorated daisy cookies are a masterpiece!

Updated Blog BreakFirst of all…

Congratulations, Callye, on the new addition to your family, and all the best wishes and love are sent your way from Canada!!! <3<3<3

When the Queen of Cookie sends you an invitation to be a guest on her blog, you don’t say “no”.  (I also screamed like a school girl when I received the invitation, feeling extremely honoured to even be considered.  Felt like I was being knighted, LOL!)  This, will be my very first attempt at a cookie tutorial.

‘Simple” is the theme.  Simple is also my most feared word when I have cookie requests.  ‘Simple’ is by far the hardest thing to do in any form of design.  I tend to go crazy with my cookie designs and wonder why three days later I am still on the same set of cookies.

When keeping designs simple, I like to add texture on the cookies to satisfy my need to overwork my cookies.  As it’s Spring, I think some simple and colourful flowers that are super fun and cure to make would be perfect.

Bright and Pretty Daisy Cookies by Cookie VonsterSo, here we go…

You will need:

  • white chocolate
  • sprinkles
  • a template with circles in the size of your choice
  • wax or parchment paper (I used a clear plastic projector sheet)
  • flower or round-shaped cookies
  • stiff royal icing (stiff enough to hold a good pointy peak but still pipe smoothly without cracks) in any colour you like.
  • petal icing tip no. 104

We are going to start by making the flower centers, I’m going to call them ‘buttons’ from now on.

Create a template of circles to the size you need as a guide for your buttons.  You can also make these buttons with royal icing, but I like chocolate for two reasons…it’s YUM! and it dries in about ten minutes and you’re ready for the next step.

Pre-Made Icing CentersPlace the wax or parchment paper over the template with the circles.  Melt your chocolate over a double boiler and fill it in a piping back.  Cut a tiny hole, pipe the buttons with the template as your guide, and pour the sprinkles over the chocolate buttons.

Note: Chocolate forms a crust very quickly so work fast so that the sprinkles will stick, and make the buttons in batches is you have to.  Pipe a row, sprinkle, pipe a row, sprinkle…

Put the chocolate buttons in the refrigerator for ten minutes and…viola!  We’re ready for the next step.  If you are making buttons with royal icing, let them dry overnight.

Pre-Made Flower Centers with SprinklesWhen the buttons have dried, attach them to your cookies with royal icing.

Daisy Flower CenterHold the cookies and piping back with a no. 104 tip at an approximate 25 degree angle, with the narrow point facing upward.  From the center of the cookie with the tip touching the chocolate button, pip tour first petal in one continuous up and down motion (like an upside down “U”).

Daisy Cookies with Petal TipPlace the icing tip slightly under the first petal and then pipe the next petal.  Continue until your flower is complete.  Turn your cookie as you pipe the petals, not your hand with the piping bag.

Bright Daisy CookiesAnd ta-da!  easy peasy!  That’s it!  Simple wasn’t it?

Practice makes perfect, and when you’re more confident with your petal piping skills, make a flower with…wait for it…TWO rows of petals!!!

Bright and Pretty Daisy CookiesThere are no rules to this cookie, and size and colour you like will be perfect!!!  Go wild with your choice of colors and sprinkles.  Make a BIG chocolate button and teeny tiny petals if you wish.  Make rows and rows of petals with no center if that puts a smile on your face.  Whatever makes you happy, that’s the most important thing.  Just remember to enjoy yourself!

Thank you Callye for this wonderful experience and opportunity.  It’s such an honour!   Happy Spring, everyone!!!  Cheers and big hugs to all!

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