Making Icing Color Match

Do you struggle with mixing perfectly coordinated icing palettes?  Then I have a tip for you and it’s simpler than you may think.

A few years ago my friend Jen taught me this trick and I’ve been doing it {or mostly trying to} as often as possible since then.  Not only does this ensure perfectly matched colors, it also cuts down on dirty dishes.

Damask Baby Shower Cookies

I’ve nicknamed this the “one bowl method”.  It’s so simple I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t think of it on my own.  Beginning with the lightest color {often white}, mix each color in the same dirty bowl until you come to the darkest.  Long story short, if you add a little bit of each color to the next one you’ll end up with a perfectly complimentary color palette every single time.

Before I really confuse you here’s a few pics. I started with white, of course, then I combined egg yolk yellow and ivory to create a pretty mustard color.

Making Icing Colors Match

Once I’d finished with the yellow, I added more white to the dirty mixing cup along with some leftover turquoise icing I had on hand.  After a bit of mixing it wasn’t quite right so I added a teensie bit more of the mustard color {above} along with a dot of dark gray piping icing, which also leftover from a previous project.

Coordinated icing Colors

Finally, to make the light gray color I added more white icing to the dirty bowl and mixed with leftover dark gray plus a bit of mustard and turquoise.

Coordinating Icing Colors

The end result?  Three completely different perfectly coordinated colors. Think of it like a family.  Two parents come together to create a kid.   Although the kid “matches” the parents they’re still a individual person with their own unique physical attributes…unless you’re like me and have kids that look nothing like you.  In that case, completely ignore this analogy.

Elegant Baby Shower CookiesYou can accomplish the same thing using multiple bowls by mixing a tiny bit of each color into the other shades {see the Lila Loa post below} if that’s your preference.  All roads lead to Rome, right?

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