You’re Grate! Punny Cheese Grater Cookie Icing Color Palette

I have to admit, I’ve been day dreaming  about these cookies for over two years. The reason you didn’t see them earlier was because I could not decide what colors to use to bring them to life. I’m pretty literal, so my instinct was to make the grater two different shades of gray, but after experimenting, the colors looked a little flat. Blue seemed like the perfect way to add interest to this palette. What do you think?

These colors were made with my favorite royal icing for cookie decorating. Click here for my recipe!

1. Dark Peacock Blue
Dark peacock blue icing is  a 3:1 ratio of Americolor Peacock to Americolor Turquoise. I added three drops of peacock and one drop of turquoise to approximately 1/4 cup of icing.2. Light Peacock Blue

Light peacock blue icing is  a 1:1 ratio of Americolor Peacock to Americolor Turquoise. I added one drop of peacock and one drop of turquoise to approximately 3/4 cup of icing.3. Sweet Sugarbelle Pink

Sweet Sugarbelle Pink icing is  a 2:1 ratio of Artisan Accents Pink-alicious to Americolor Tulip Red. I added a scant two drops of Pink-alicious and scant drop of Tulip Red to approximately 1/2 cup of icing.4. Americolor Egg Yellow

Egg Yellow icing is straight Americolor Egg Yellow, one of my favorite cookie decorating shades. For these cookies I added seven drops of color to approximately one cup of icing.

5. Dark Cheddar Orange

Dark cheddar orange icing is a 3:2 ratio of Chefmaster Sunset Orange to Americolor Ivory. I added 3 drops of sunset orange and two drops of ivory to approximately 1/2 cup of icing.

Note: I’m not as familiar with Chefmaster as I am with other brands, but I was out of my usual orange (Americolor) and had to substitute. I was really pleased with the result. If you don’t have Chefmaster Sunset Orange, the same ratio of Americolor Orange and Ivory would produce a smilier result, as well as Americolor Pumpkin.

6. Light Cheddar Orange

Light cheddar orange icing is 1:1 ratio of Chefmaster Sunset Orange to Americolor Ivory. I added a scant drop of sunset orange and a scant drop of ivory to approximately 1/4 cup of icing.

Now that you’ve got the color formulas, learn how to make these cookies here!

Color is a very personal thing. What is beautiful to one, might not appeal to another. Keep that in mind as you experiment. Ultimately, the palettes I share are intended as a guide. I create these formulas to make the decorating process a little easier. If you’ve got something different in mind, don’t be afraid to try your own formulas, just be sure to write them down as you work. Nothing is more frustrating than to create the most beautiful color, only to forget how you did!

Color mixing is one of my favorite aspects of cookie decorating. If you have any suggestions for future color-realated topics or formulas, please leave a comment. In the meantime, be sure to check out another favorite Valentine’s Day icing palette and follow my Icing Color board on Pinterest. To learn more, check out the following posts: