Color Chart and Printing Help

I fixed it!  Woo hoo!  Well, I fib, my talented and computer savvy friend Amy Miller and blog maintenance lady, Robin, fixed it, I am just passing the word.  What would I, or really y’all do without them?!

It’s fixed, it’s fixed, it’s fixed, it’s fixed. CLICK HERE to print.

Helpful hints: When referencing colors, I used the term part rather than drop.  This is because icing color should be thought of in terms of ratios rather than exacts.  For example, if you are after a lighter shade of turquoise, use a larger quantity of icing with the suggested amount.  If it is still to dark, add more icing.  Alternatively, if you’re after a darker shade of turquoise, use less icing and/or more coloring.  If you tint half a cup of white icing with the suggested colors and it still is not dark enough, double the color.  This would mean adding 12 parts sky blue +2 parts lemon yellow, or a 6:1 ratio, in other words.

Icing color is not an exact science but practice makes improvement.  Happy mixing!