Navy Blue Royal Icing

Navy blue royal icing sounds simple enough but that isn’t always the case.  Americolor makes a navy blue gel color but it isn’t quite as “navy” as I would like it to be.  My secret?  Black.

Navy Blue Star Cookie

To create the perfect shade of navy blue icing I like to mix navy or royal blue Americolor with black.  Most of the time I use icing rather than gel paste because there’s less risk of adding too much.

Since we’re talking blue, here’s a little visual on the wide range of colors you can achieve by mixing.

Navy Blue Royal Icing

  1. navy blue mixed with black royal icing
  2. royal blue mixed with sky blue {I love this color so much I wrote about it HERE}
  3. sky blue with a touch of royal blue and black

Keep in mind that blue icing tends to develop or get darker over time so make it a a little lighter than you think you’ll need.  Be sure to print out a copy of my custom color chart to make color mixing a breeze.

Stay cool, cookie friends!