Press and Seal Icing Pods

This tip isn’t novel or new, but in case ya missed it I thought I’d talk about the plastic wrap trick one more time.

What is the plastic wrap trick, you ask?  Basically it’s putting royal icing into neat little plastic wrap pods before bagging.  This allows you to quickly and easily refill bags while working, cuts down on cleanup time, and extends the life of disposable pastry bags.  You can watch a video demonstration here or click here for a step-by-step post on coloring and preparing royal icing.

Icing PodsThis idea is pretty much genius on it’s own, but add Press and Seal Wrap, and it can’t be beat.

Press and Seal Icing BagsBegin by measuring out a small piece of plastic wrap {size depends on how much icing you plan to bag}, place a dollop of icing in the center, fold the two opposite corners together diagonally, seal the edges, then use both hands to spin pod away from your body, twisting the ends into a tight seal.  Again, you can see a video version here and the photo version here.

Once the pods are complete, pull the prepared pod through a coupler.

Icing Pods 1Drop them into a prepared disposable icing bag {instructions can usually be found on the box} and pull through the snipped end.

Icing Pods 2Secure the top of the bag with ties like these from Wilton.

Icing Pods 3Snip any excess plastic below the coupler.

Icing Pods 4Then, finish up by adding a tip.

Glad Wrap Icing Pods 5Easy breezy, right?  To clean or change pods simply remove the tip and tie, pull out the empty pod, and reload.  Otherwise rinse and reuse the bag.

Icing Pods 6This is a great way to save money and a mess.  For more excellent icing tips check out these posts:

I hope this little tip simplifies the process a little.  Have a great week!