Inexpensive Icing Bag Holder

It’s about summertime which means that you should start your bathing suit diet, planning for summer vacation, and keeping an eye out for these…

No, this isn’t turning into a popsicle blog.  Believe it or not, these things make the best icing holders!

So far, I own three of these gems and I plan snagging a few more.  I often find them at grocery and dollar stores and big box stores like Target and Walmart.  Once, I even got lucky and found one sans sticks {which is fine with me} at a second hand store!

Speaking of second hand stores, that’s where I found this lazy Susan/makeup brush organizer thing.  IT ALSO makes a great icing bag holder, and it spins!

All of these cost around a dollar and they work better than more expensive icing holders like THIS and THIS.

You can keep your tips clear by adding damp paper towels to the bottom, or if you REALLY want to go green, cut up an old t-shirt or dishcloth and reuse the strips.  Cleanup is as easy as rinsing the holder and throwing the strips into the wash with your icing towels.

This is a tried and true tip that REALLY works.  No more monopolizing every glass in the house for a cookie project!

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I hope everyone has a great weekend.  See ya Monday!